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Gold Is Still In A Bear Market, But Where Is The Bottom?
Gold’s price pattern has put in a bottom for now, but there is no certainty that the trend now has turned definitively bullish.
Silver To Rise Like Bitcoin?
Silver could rise like Bitcoin. But if silver goes straight up, it could also go straight back down.
Gold And Silver Supercycles Explored
This video provides the latest short-term technical analysis of silver and gold, and a perspective on the larger precious metals supercycle. While we are currently in an bubble, precious metals are in the early innings of a years-long bull market.
FV Gold Is On The Cusp Of A Breakout
Gold is down from its summer high point of more than US$2,000 per ounce, but Chris Vermeulen of TheTechnicalTraders believes the pullback is healthy. In this video, he discusses a possible breakout in gold as he is interviewed by Charlotte McLeod.
Deep Dive Into Silver Technicals
The next significant resistance for silver is $36. Price action reminds us of the 2009 bull market.
Gold & Silver Bullish Technical Pattern Emerges On Dollar Weakness
The US Dollar has hit support and we see a bear market bounce that is coinciding with a short term correction in gold and silver. 
Walk Through The Gold And Silver Charts To See What To Expect
What should we expect from gold and silver?
Technicals Support Gold’s Rise, US$2,000 Is Next Resistance
The gold price has been on a tear for the last week or so, rising from around US$1,800 per ounce to above US$1,970.
Caution Advised Before Gold Targets $5000 And Silver Targets $100+
Currently, there is zero fear in this market, and investors are becoming over-leveraged. This is typically when everyone gets caught holding the bag, and while the Fed may try, they probably can’t maintain this level of market momentum.
Gold, Silver, And Miners Finally Breaking Out Strongly
A discussion about the precious metals market, silver & gold.
The Black Swan Event For Stocks Is About To Repeat
A hybrid article with videos walks you through what and why the markets crashed, what they are starting to do now, and how you can take advantage of this black swan event.
Huge Setup Unfolding In The S&P 500
Next week, the S&P 500, market sentiment, volatility, Put/Call Ratio, and multi-year next short position on the S&P 500 have created the perfect storm for a blow-off top and reversal. It could be an epic move, followed by some grand opportunities.
Gold Stocks Are Overbought. You Don’t Want Prices To Go Straight Up
Professional trader and market commentator Chris Vermeulen says gold stocks are overbought and need a breather, which would be good for the overall upward trend. He shares how he is, and how he has been trading the junior gold sector.
Market Volatility, Safe Havens, Gold, Crude Oil
Be prepared for some really ugly earnings data in Q2 and Q3 of this year, then we’ll figure out if our expectations were accurate or not and what we should be doing to plan going forward.
Nat Gas, Crude Oil, Fed Rate Cut
A discussion about the current path of natural gas and how the Fed's decision can impact the markets.
Utilities, Natural Gas, And Small Caps Present Setups
A few simple and clear trade setups unfolding in the market for three very different sectors.
1 to 16 of 49 Posts
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