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Has A New Super Cycle For Gold Already Begun?
In this video, I talk about where the markets were and where they may be going next. I also answer whether or not a new super cycle has begun for gold.
Gold’s Momentum And Underperforming Gold Miners – Is A Breakout Rally Imminent?
A discussion of the recent momentum in gold prices and the underperformance of gold miners. Gold is trading near its highs, while gold miners are still down by around 30%.
Thoughts On Gold Breaking $2000
This video covers a small section of a live mentoring session with investors which focuses on the price of gold.
Is The Stock Market Setting Up For A 2008 Style Crater?
The technicals on the S&P500 show a weakening trend that, should it break through the channel support, could begin a serious leg to the downside.
BIL - Trader Tip Of The Week
The market hangs onto the precipice of ripping to the upside or falling to the downside.
Is A Full-Fledged Bear Market On The Horizon And The Rally In Precious Metals?
Looking at the stages of the market and the emotions of investors and trades, the question comes up of whether we are about to start a new bull market or are hovering on the edge of a complacency phase.
Monthly Outlook For Precious Metals Super Cycle
In this video, I discuss the state of various markets. I also discuss the potential for a super cycle in precious metals, specifically gold and silver.
Downside Potential In The Stock Market
Right now, a lot of people are just starting to feel like they can start buying stocks again already. We call this a complacency rally which is usually a choppy rally that lasts a few months.
TLT Bond ETF – Trader Tip Of The Week
There’s an interesting opportunity starting to come about with the bond market. Since late 2018, most people have been fleeing from bonds, panicking about the massive selloff.
Gold Support Level Reached, Is Now The Time To Buy?
Looking at the daily chart for gold, from a technical standpoint, it is down to a major support level. Gold is still in a downtrend but buying at a support level like this can be a great opportunity from a technical standpoint.
Another Big Move For Gold, Silver, And Commodities
Gold is likely to continue struggling until the stock market puts a bottom. Typically gold will pull back in a bear market, though it is usually one of the first to recover.
New Stock Market Buy Signals In A Complacency Rally
We are in that phase right now where shorter-term investing in growth stocks should come back to life.
UUP ETF – Trade Setup Of The Week
UUP has been trending higher while the rest of the stock and bond market has been falling.
BIL ETF – Trade Setup Of The Week
The BIL ETF is a one to three-year Treasury bill note and is pretty much like a cash position. It pays dividends and a little bit of money but doesn’t dramatically fall with the stock market.
Gold And Gold Miners – Are They Still Out Of Favor?
Precious metals, gold, and gold miners have all been out of favor this year. We saw panic selling hit the stock market and massive liquidation which pulled them down.
Current Panic Selling And Uncertainty Within The Stock Market
We are on the verge of a possible multi-year bear market in equities. Protecting capital and moving to cash is one of the best things you can do.
1 to 16 of 99 Posts
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