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Nat Gas, Crude Oil, Fed Rate Cut
A discussion about the current path of natural gas and how the Fed's decision can impact the markets.
Utilities, Natural Gas, And Small Caps Present Setups
A few simple and clear trade setups unfolding in the market for three very different sectors.
Crude Poised To Break Out
Markets might get an unexpected rally.
Gold Outlook
What is happening in the commodity markets this week?
Market Predictions For This Week - Tuesday, March 20
Market predictions and review for March 20 - March 27.
Weekly Predictions For Gold, Oil, And SPX
Predictions for this week on commodities and stocks.
Stock Market Cycles And Price Forecasts - Monday, Feb. 26
A review of today's movements in the financial markets.
No Fear As The Dow Tops A Record 25000
The Dow Jones top 25 thousand points today, maybe can go to 40,000 thousand.
Big Bites Being Taken Out Of The Faangs
Are there indications of a January market pullback?
Even Junior Stocks Caught Up In Market Mania
Where is the stock market heading? Crude appears to have broken its 55 dollar resistance mark.
Dividends Attracting People To Energy Stocks
Crude Oil seems to be a lot stronger than it usually is this time of the year. People are now attracted to energy stocks.
Financials Likely To Take A Big Hit From Harvey And Irma
What is the aftermath of the markets after hurricanes Harvey and Irma?
Copper Charging Upward
How genuine is the copper rally? Copper rallied up to 2008 then collapsed.
FV Stock Market Forecast For The Next Three Months
What can we expect from the US stock market, gold, silver, and gold mining stocks in the next three months.
“Sell In May” Could Happen In April?
Gold is heading towards an “interesting” price point. Could the "sell" happen in April?
Gold, Short And Long-Term Price Projections
The way that gold sentiment is moving right now, it's kind of the inverse of what the stock market is doing.
1 to 16 of 35 Posts
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