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9% Rally In SVXY Over Next 3-9 Days
When the stock market continues to dive and if the VIX does go any higher, that’s a sign we are getting close to a short-term bottom in this market.
Panic Selling And The Potential Cost Of FOMO
Ask yourself this: Would you rather miss out on a 4-5% return, or save yourself from a 40-60% market correction?
U.S. Dollar, Natural Gas ETFs – UUP, UNG, Cash
We are very close to the market flipping into a bear market. At that point, it is a game-changer and trading strategies must change.
Will Gold Price Rebound If The Economy Is In A Recession?
Looking at the daily charts of Gold, we can see gold has this big run-up when the news of war initially hit. Next, we saw gold pullback and sell-off.
Oil Services ETF OIH – Credit Spread
Services companies such as HAL, BKR, and SLB are doing very well as capital expenditures in the Energy Sector have the order books for equipment and services very full.
Gold/Silver – Possible Big Moves Within Days/Weeks
Gold prices had a huge run-up early this year, then the war hit, which created an extra surge. We are now seeing gold pullback and cool off a little bit.
Has A New Bull Leg For Gold And Silver Begun?
Overall, we are in a cautionary phase for gold, silver, and miners. Everyone piles into precious metals at the same time based on news, and what goes straight up usually comes straight down.
Wind Energy ETF FAN – Bullish Price Action
Clean energy starts to look very attractive as oil prices continue to climb.
Perfect Storm – Commodity, PM & Crude Oil Prices To Go Higher?
We’ve seen a pretty strong pullback in the last trading sessions yet may see crude oil continue to go higher.
Do We Rush Into Trading Commodities During A Time Of War?
Everyone seems to run toward the commodities and we are likely going to continue to see them pick up speed as a safe haven during the war.
Are We Really In A Bull Market For Gold, Silver, And Miners?
From a technical perspective, we are back into a bull market mode with gold stocks and precious metals in general.
Commodities/PM Monthly Projections For March
As geopolitical events roil the markets, gold investors know these moves rarely stick. But in this video, we break down why this time may be different.
Copper Miners ETF COPX - Opportunity In The Miners Sector
Copper Miners ETF appears to be on the verge of happing another big rally.
Precious Metals Monthly Projections
Looking at the monthly chart of Silver, it is at a multi-year base just like gold or miners and is trading in a tight range. The daily chart gives us a better view showing that we are getting close to wanting to break and run to the upside.
XBI Biotech 15% Potential
The Biotech Sector ETF had a very nice rally, a bull flag, and ended up having the second half of the move to the upside.
When Is The “Sell Everything” Moment In The Markets Or Metals?
It’s been a pretty wild roller coaster for Precious Metals, which have been under pressure for a long time.
1 to 16 of 82 Posts
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