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Gold-To-Silver Ratio Heading Lower – Setup Like 1989-03
The closest comparison to the current Gold/Silver setup may be found by looking at the early 2000~2003 US markets. Let’s investigate this setup a bit further.
Should We Be Prepared For An Aggressive U.S. Fed In The Future?
Global central banks have printed too much money over the past 7+ years, and the eventual unwinding of this excess capital may take aggressive controls to tame.
Do Fed Rate Decisions Affect The Price Patterns For Gold?
Research related to the US Federal Reserve’s recent rate increases and how Gold has previously reacted to rising and falling interest rates.
Will U.S. Dollar Uptrend Slow Foreign Real Estate Investment In The U.S.?
International investors interested in buying U.S. real estate are having issues as converting their country’s currency into the USD significantly reduces the amount of real estate they can purchase.
What Are The Driving Forces Behind The Shift In Global Market Risks?
Global market risks have shifted dramatically over the past 90+ days. It almost seems as though the global markets turned 180 degrees overnight, generally going from moderately soft monetary policies to very extreme monetary policies and conditions.
Compared To The USD, Auto Company Stocks Are On A Summer Vacation
High inflation and rising interest rates combined with high gasoline prices are causing people to rethink or pay more attention to their monthly budget expenditures.
Does Selling Put Options During A Market Downturn Provide A Safety Net?
We must like the stock at or around the strike price and believe it will recover over time.  Even if we’re just selling puts to collect premiums, keep in mind that we could end up owning shares. 
Crude Oil Collapsed Below $100ppb – Has The Us Fed Broken Inflation?
On Tuesday, July 5th, Crude Oil collapsed very sharply, down over 10% near the lows, in an aggressive breakdown of the price.
U.S. Dollar Trending Higher As Primary Global Reserve Currency
The U.S. Dollar is one market that continues to stand out as a stronghold for traders and investors. The world’s primary reserve currency, the USD, remains solidly above all other major global currencies.
Consumer Confidence Dips Low In The Face Of Inflation
As the Fed continues to posture future rate increases to battle inflation, recent economic data shows Consumers are in a state of shock as price factors continue to skyrocket.
Is The Inflation Boom Quickly Turning To An Inflation Bust?
We are only 6-months into the year, and it seems like the inflation boom is quickly going bust.
Crude Oil Trend Breaks Downward – Rejecting The $120 Price Level
The recent downward Crude Oil trend may have caught many traders by surprise.
As Market Trends Continue To Drop – Where Is A Good Place To Invest?
The best option for most traders is to simply go to cash, watch, and wait.
Will Global Markets Be Pushed Deeper Into Crisis Event By The US Fed?
It is clear that global markets expected inflation to stay elevated but were hoping for some moderately lower data showing the recent Fed moves had already dented some inflation concerns.
Strong U.S. Dollar Biting Into Multinationals
Since the U.S. Dollar was put at a major low on January 6, 2021, the trend has been solidly up.
Where Is Gold Going From Here?
After briefly reaching highs above $2000, Gold has fallen to $1785 (-14%) following the deep selling in the U.S. major indexes throughout most of April and May 2022.
1 to 16 of 562 Posts
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