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Russell 2000 Gaps Present Real Targets
Recent Gaps in price action in the IWM (Russell 2000 ETF) presents a clear picture of future price targets and support/resistances.
Gold Completes Another Washout Rotation – Here We Go
One of the most telling patterns in gold over the past six months has been the “washout low” price rotation pattern. It seems as though every time gold completes a rotation, it sets up for a new momentum rally to a new momentum price base.
A Stealth Double Dip Or Bear Market Has Started
The stock market has gone through many cycles since the 2000 tech bubble. The tech bubble was the last significant time the stock market’s popularity among individuals piqued their interest in such a big way similar to what we see now in the markets.
All That Glitters When The World Jitters Is Probably Gold
The economic pressures and concerns within the global markets have not abated just because the US Fed has ramped up the printing presses. Inversely, the stock market price levels may be elevated based on a false expectation of a quick recovery.
Financial Sector Under Pressure And What It Means
The Financial sector is unique in that it is an essential component of global economics as well as local economic functions.
Comparing Bitcoin To Other Sectors – Risk Vs. Value
Quite a few traders have been discussing the rally of bitcoin breaching the $10,000 level on May 7. This psychological price level is a milestone for bitcoin – even though the price has fallen into a Flag/Pennant formation since reaching the peak.
M2 Velocity Collapses – Could A Bottom In Capital Velocity Be Setting Up?
M2 Velocity is the measurement of capital circulating within the economy. The faster capital circulates within the economy, the more that capital is being deployed within the economy to create output and opportunities for economic growth.
Is A Blow-Off Top Setting Up
There has been an increased concern that the US Fed support for the markets has pushed price levels well above true valuation levels and that a risk of a downside price move is still rather high.
Ray Dalio Suggests USA Is Entering A Period Of Decline And New World Order
We find it interesting how researchers attempt to compare history, sometimes ancient history, to the applicable functions of today’s world and to attempt to translate the decline of empires in the past to what is happening in today’s world.
Predictive Modeling Suggests US Markets 12% Over Valued
Our Adaptive Dynamic Learning predictive modeling system has called some incredible moves over the past 24+ months. It predicted the moves in Gold moving from $1340 to $1750 – and many of the trend changes that took place over the past 15+ months.
Gold, Silver, Miners Teater On The Brink Of A Breakout
With Monday’s big pop in the stock indexes, the big rally was based on vaccine news and bullish comments from the fed, convincing most traders and investors to be overly bullish this week.
Silver Begins To Accelerate Higher And Faster Than Gold
May 15, both gold and silver made big upside price moves, with silver up over 3%, and gold up 1.3%. We believe this silver advance may be the start of what we have been predicting for months – a parabolic upside price advance for both of the metals.
Small-Cap Stocks (Russell 2K) Is Headed For A Double Dip?
While the Nasdaq has rallied as a result of US Fed stimulus and foreign investor activity, the Russell 2000 has set up a very clear price resistance level near $131~132.
The Big Move In Silver May Be Right Now
For many years now, metals traders and enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for the move in silver that we feel is eventually going to happen. There is almost a ritual process in the metals market that takes place when a crisis happens.
Junior Gold Miners Ready To Run
GDXJ, the Junior Gold Miners ETF, is suggesting a very strong price rally is taking place that may push both Gold and Silver substantially higher.
Natural Gas Breaks $2.00 On Upside Rally And Next Target
The current rally has broken above a price resistance level near $2.00 and the rally up to $2.40 may happen faster than we expect.
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