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Trade Issues Will Drive Market Trends (Part II)
It appears the end of 2019 will be filled with large price rotation – likely to the downside as trade issues and election/political issues cause a “shock-wave” in the markets.
How Chinese Trade Issues Will Drive Market Trends
It is becoming evident that the US/Chinese trade issues are going to become a point of contention for the markets going forward.
The Shake-Out Continues – Where Is The Bottom?
A further downside leg, possibly to levels below $25,000, is possible as this Shake-Out continues and as the global markets continue to revalue expectations.
Bitcoin Setting Up For Another Drop
Bitcoin appears to be setting up a broader top formation that suggests another move lower is about to unfold.
Silver Sets Up A Long-Term Wave B Bottom
The October/December 2018 lows were, most likely, the lowest price levels we will see going forward. Additionally, the current price levels, below $15 per ounce, may be the last time we’ll see prices this low in a number of years.
Gold May Give Us One More Chance With New Lows
Our proprietary price cycle tool is showing us that the Daily Gold cycles may dive a bit lower, possibly into the $1250 to $1265 level, over the next 3~7+ days before reaching an ultimate low.
Transportation Sector Is Testing Resistance
The Dow Transportation Index continues to test resistance near $10,050 as earnings drive the NQ well past historical all-time highs.
US Stock Markets Setting Up For Increased Volatility
The US stock markets took a nosedive early in the regular trading session after the QQQ briefly advanced to new All-Time Highs yesterday morning.
Indexes Race For New All-Time Highs
Without too much attention from traders, the SPY and QQQ are racing to attempt to establish new all-time highs in what may become the most exciting Spring/Summer breakout rally of the past three years.
Natural Gas Continues To Offer Opportunities For Longs
Historically, April has been a pretty consistent upside opportunity in Natural Gas for over 20 years.
Why Are The Markets Ignoring The Treasury Inversion?
The Transportation Index typically leads the US economy by about 3~6 months and is a key indicator of investors' future expectations for the US and global economy.
Waiting For The Russell 2000 To Confirm The Next Big Move
Even though the US stock markets open with a gap higher this week, skilled traders must pay attention to how the Mid-Caps and the Russell 2000 are moving throughout this move.
ADL Predictions For Price Of Gold
As we’ve been suggesting for months, expect continued moderate price weakness in Gold and Silver through most of April 2019 and possibly into early May 2019.
April’s Stock Market, Gold, Oil, And Natural Gas Price Predictions And Forecast
Let's take a look at the market in my latest video.
Is Britain At The Edge Of A Political Cliff?
Recent news that Theresa May was unable to convince members of Parliament to even consider her current deal as well as the future political and societal consequences of any failure to move ahead with an orderly Brexit deal.
This Stock Market Pop Could Fizzle Fast
Today’s upside price move will falter throughout this week and prices will continue to decrease as the price trend continues. The two Engulfing Bearish patterns are very strong indicators of potential downside price trends forming.
1 to 16 of 316 Posts
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