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US Major Indexes Retest Critical Price Channel Resistance
News, again, drives the US stock market and major indexes higher as optimism of a US/China trade agreement floods the news wires.
Gold Gifts Traders With Another Rotation Below $1500
Any move below $1500 should be considered an opportunity for skilled technical traders.
Natural Gas Reloads For Another Price Rally
After setting up a very deep price base in August 2019, Natural Gas has, again, moved back into the basing zone and our historical price research still suggests October and November will be strongly positive for Natural Gas.
The Russell And Transportation Tell A Completely Different Story
After the two day selloff, many traders still have questions about what lies ahead for the US markets.
Downside Price Rotation Dominates After Manufacturing Data
If this downward price move continues as expected, capital will move away from risk factors and into safe-havens, bonds, and blue-chip stocks as a method of protecting against valuation risks.
Bitcoin Price Collapse Continue For Many Months
The recent price collapse in Bitcoin may be the start of a much bigger price trend in the Cryptos.
Democrats Launch Formal Impeachment – What Should Traders Expect?
For traders, it means the news events will become even bigger drivers of market rotation and trends as well as the fact that we must prepare for weaker economic data over the next 13+ months.
EC Is The Technology Sector About To Break Lower?
The current capital shift in the US stock market may be settling into the Technology sector as investors move away from growth and into value.
Precious Metals Setting Up Another Momentum Base/Bottom
The precious metals have retraced from recent highs and begun to form a momentum base which will likely become the floor for the next move higher.
What Are The Real Upside Targets For Oil Post Drone Attack?
After the news of the drone attack on the Saudi Arabia oil refinery, traders knew this week would be full of bigger price moves, reversals and some real opportunity for profits.
Crude Oil Setting Up For A Downside Price Rotation
Crude Oil has been trading in a fairly narrow range since mid-August – between $52 and $57 ppb.
Metals & The US Dollar – How It All Relates – Part II
The overall strength of the US Dollar is being supported by this continued capital shift and the way that global assets are seeking safety and security.
Energy Sector Reaches Key Low Point – Start Looking For The Next Move
The Energy Sector ETF (ERY) has been on fire recently with big price trends.
Metals & The US Dollar: How It All Relates – Part I
The recent movement in the precious metals markets, an incredible 33% upside price move since August 2018, has reflected an increased level of fear and greed throughout the global markets.
Sector Rotation Giving Mixed Signals About The Future
It seemed the markets wanted to make a point to alert us that volatility may be here to stay very early in trading this week.
Can Oil Stay Above $50 To Support Producers Expectations?
Recent news suggests that oil producers are attempting to increase production levels after failing to attempt to push prices higher by cutting production levels.
1 to 16 of 352 Posts
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