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Stock Market Technicals Nearing ‘Peak, Maximum Financial Risk’
There is a lot going on beyond the technicals in the markets right now and many of these factors indicate that we are in the late stages of the stock market cycle.
Oil & Gas Charge Higher Likely To Last Into New Year
The long-term charts for oil and natural gas are still pointing to dramatically higher price actions. Natural gas has a lot of volatility, but the long-term charts indicate another push to the upside, potentially to the $7 or $8 level.
Will The S&P 500 Pennant Formation Lead To A Rally Or Are We Headed For A Double Dip?
A discussion about the broad market trends expectations after the election is settled.
Gold And Silver Upswing Potential
Precious metals are still technically in a short-term downtrend until the consolidation finishes, but they have great potential for the future.
Silver And Gold
A scary start to 2020 has created a perfect storm for precious metals. Gold has reached all-time highs after starting a bull run in June 2019, but this might just be the beginning.
Trump: The Federal Reserve Is My Biggest Threat
A discussion on the economy, the US Dollar, energy and transportation.
Stocks And Commodities Going Up & Up
I am seeing very bullish signs in markets. So are we living in the best of all possible worlds?
Gold Vultures Circling As Panic Selling Takes Place
Gold, silver, and precious metal stocks are all seeing a weakening as the market is rebalancing after an incredible year of overbuying before a recovery can kick in.
Natural Gas Showing Upside Potential
Investors bailing on "safe" plays - why?
High Stock Market Numbers Deceiving
Are you looking at the right numbers?
U.S. Dollar & Gold Attractive With Jumpy Markets
What to expect from the markets this summer for stocks, oil, gold and more importantly gold miners.
Don’t Be Surprised By A Summer Doldrums Crash
US-Canadian Bonds seen as safe haven.
50 Dollar Oil Could Be Breakout Point
Can $50 Oil be a breakout point? Gold and silver pausing for big push up.
Gold Expected To Dip Before Big Push Up
Gold market review: gold prices could dip. (Audio Length: 00:26:56)
The Central Bank Meeting And What It Means
Today, the Fed will make an announcement that there is ‘no change’ in the short term interest rates They must continue to “kick this can” down the road even further. (Audio Length: 00:23:59)
The Canuck Buck Expected To Go Up
An early “driving season” could drive crude higher. The Canadian dollar can have a significant move. (Audio Length: 00:22:54)
1 to 16 of 26 Posts
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