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Gold And Silver – Which Will Have An Explosive Price Rally And Which Will Have A Sustained One?
Gold will likely attempt a rally above $2400 before stalling out between $2400~$2500 near the end of 2022. Silver will retrace back to levels near $30 to $35 and settled into another sideways price trend near the end of 2022 and throughout 2023.
Bitcoin Enters Stage #4 Excess Phase Peak Breakdown – Where To Next?
A flood of new selling pressure will initiate once the $28,000 level is breached to the downside. This is where Bitcoin traders suddenly shift away from the buy/hold position and start to reduce holdings because of downside risks.
Top Five Reasons To Be An Options Trader
Here are what I believe to be the top five reasons to look into becoming an options trader.
Don’t Ever Trade Blind – Understand The Difference Between Stocks, Options, And Futures
While you have been trading stocks, along the way you have probably heard that there are people who trade futures and options. If you are new, you have probably asked yourself: “What are options and futures?”
Are The US Major Indexes Rolling Over In An Excess Phase Peak Setup?
The setup of the Excess Phase peak pattern consists of an exuberant rally to a peak, followed by a moderate price correction that sets up into a sideways flagging pattern.
Breaking Through Resistance – Will The US Dollar Or Gold And Other Precious Metals Tip The Balance To The Upside?
A discussion about market leaders, sector rotation, commodities, gold, silver, volatility of the US dollar and more.
The Nasdaq & Transportation Index Diverge In Big A Way Which Can Signal A Weakening Economy
With the Nasdaq rallying over 200 points and reaching levels near critical resistance, the Transportation Index collapsed over -150 points and briefly tested critical support near $15,350. What would prompt this type of movement in these indexes?
After Reaching A Trend Channel High, The Russell 2000 (IWM) Flags Out
The Russell 2000, which had experienced an incredible 48% upside price rally after the November 2020 US elections, has recently peaked near an upward sloping price channel that originated shortly after the 2010 Housing Crisis bottom.
Is The Cannabis Sector Mounting A Multi-Wave Rally After The Recent Bottom?
Just last week, many Cannabis symbols broke above a downward sloping price channel that suggests a new bullish price wave/phase is setting up.
US Major Indexes Consolidate Into Sideways/Flagging Pattern – Watch For Aggressive Trending Soon
Over the past few weeks, the US major indexes have consolidated into a sideways price channel. This is most obvious on the Nasdaq and SPY charts, as we’ve seen moderately deep pullbacks through the months of April/May 2021.
Stock Market Cycles Tipping The Balance From Euphoria To Complacency – Is Gold Setting Up For A Rally Above $2000 Again?
Gold has set up a very strong confluence pattern across multiple foreign currencies recently.
US Dollar Breaks Below 90 – Continues To Confirm Depreciation Cycle Phase
The US Dollar Index fell below a critical support level above 90 recently. This move lower after attempting to bottom in early 2021 suggests we should prepare for bigger trends, more volatility, and the potential for broad market price rotation.
Have We Reached A Critical Turning Point For Gold Yet?
The gold market is at a critical turning point with gold hitting key resistance levels. If the US Dollar starts to rally, gold could fail to break out and, instead, fall to $1600. 
Gold Appears To Be Staging New Momentum Base In Preparation For A Big Upside Move
Right now, we are seeing gold and silver start to shift into a new bullish trend bias – therefore, we may be starting to see a shifting in expectations; which is very similar to what we saw in 2000~2005 just before gold exploded higher.
Watch Out As Gold Appears To Be Staging New Momentum Base In Preparation For A Big Upside Move
Although Gold has continued to drift downward after reaching a peak near $2089.20 in early August 2020, this weakness has actually built a very strong momentum base – preparing for a big move higher.
Where’s The Beef? Is The US Fed Behind The Inflation Curve?
If the Fed suddenly starts making moves to address pending inflation, then we may see some big volatility hit the markets.
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