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Technical Trader, Market Forecaster, and Author
I am an internationally recognized market technical analyst and trader since 1997. Through Technical Traders Newsletter my mission is to help clients boost their investment performance while reducing risk exposure and ...more

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Bloodbath In Tech Stocks – Is This The End?
Tech is selling off big time today.
Gold, Silver, And Stocks Hitting All-Time Highs: What’s Next?
As we enter the third quarter of the year, we discuss the outlook for the stock market and precious metals for the coming months.
How To Trade Stock Splits & Call Diagonal Spreads
In this short video, I share some insight into how to trade stock splits and call diagonal spreads in today’s market environment.
Last Rally Then Brace For Correction
The recent rally that had us reaching profit targets. Using the Fibonacci extension, is the S&P500 on track to go higher?
The Retirement Financial Reset Is Coming – A Reality Check For Investors
A discussion about where the stock market and economy are now, and the indicators that give us insight into where we may be going next.
Is The Market Finally Running Out Of Steam?
Overall, we have been seeing panic selling in the markets.
Do-Or-Die Week For Stocks And Gold To Pause/Pullback
It’s not uncommon for the dollar and gold to rally together in the late stage of a stock market topping phase.
Perception Vs Reality: How Healthy Is The Stock Market Really?
A discussion about the overall perception that the markets keep going up.
Stock Market On Last Leg Higher With Precious Metals Confirming
What does FOMO buying versus FOMO selling indicate may be on the horizon when the stock market is in an uptrend?
Is There Danger In The Running Correction The Market Is Participating In?
Looking at both the high-level view and the shorter-term timeframes, where could the overall market go in either environment?
Market Melt-Up Continues Sucking In Investors Before The Music Stops
Technical analysis of the stock market.
Exactly How High Can The Markets Go Until A Correction Happens?
A look into past stock market performance to see whether history is repeating itself.
Will A Massive Correction Follow The Recent Stock Market Rally Toward New All-Time Highs?
In this video, we talk all things stock market, investor sentiment, the likelihood of a prolonged rally or impending correction, and real estate.
Tis The Season For Seasonality Trading
With the dwindling number of trading days left, it’s time to look into what the coming year may bring.
Will A Strong Rally Follow A Market Bottom?
Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist, explains why the stock market may have bottomed, and what's next for the rest of the year and beyond.
Protect And Preserve Your Capital Before The Going Gets Tough
In this video, I take a look into why everything has been trending down in recent days. Being prepared for a downturn is of increasing importance.
1 to 16 of 726 Posts
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