E Market Briefing For Tuesday, Sept. 14

Inflation and COVID are tied at the hip in this market and economic scenario. I assessed inflation as 'enduring and not transitory' all along, and where COVID comes into-play is as a 'spoiler' of significant growth rates needed to avert the 'stagflation' condition that I've felt has already arrived. That's always been the 'wild card' looking forward to 2022 and still is. Delta variant is part of it, but the lack of effective treatments and drugs defines the persistent risk.

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There's plenty of blame or daggers that can be thrown. At the Fed not being passive and unwilling to 'taper sooner', although that wouldn't entirely help as there are other issues contributing to higher prices. At the Congress for super insane spending, though there's little doubt the Nation needs infrastructure as well as other updates, but it's not happy when hearing about 'paying for it all'.

COVID 'boosters' don't provide meaningful additional protection (in general with a few exceptions), so besides hitting Moderna (MRNA) stock today, it reminds people that the vaccine protection is varied (depending on variants and differs in part of the world vs. another actually). So that because of variants, assumptions of the two-shot regimen are also not necessarily providing truly broad protection, and that's impacting the willingness of lots of people to resume normal life as far as activities, regardless of whether their State is open or more restricted.

That brings opportunity for next-generation vaccines to reinvigorate optimism, and a sense of getting through this pandemic, as does promise new treatment and drug prospects. And yet Washington bureaucrats, while seeming tired as well as frustrated over their flip-flopping and failure to get a handle on COVID, proceed to spin the idea of vaccine protection, and compelling getting it which makes sense in a way, or at least until there's a better product. (That sure is a golden opportunity for Sorrento (SRNE), if they can pick-up-their pace to test and also to market with the already approved Covi-stix for Mexico if nowhere else.)

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William K. 1 week ago Member's comment

There can arise a situation, where after a string of wrong moves, escape is not possible and the bad things will happen. Unfortunately the federal reserve bankers have been making poor choices for quite a while, And unfortunately that situation is here.

And as for some wonderful medication to completely banish the covid plague, well, Superman is stuck in the comic books and will not be around to help us for the forseeabl future. And on top of all that, there is arising a preponderance of stupidity worse than ever.