Tesla Tumbles Back Below $300 As Musk Attacks Analysts' "Poor Track Records"

It seems Tesla bonds were on to something after all...

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After trading higher in the pre-open, bouncing after Tuesday's tumble, investors have resumed aggressively selling Tesla stock this morning (not helped by news of a new probe into the carmaker), sending it back below the $300 Maginot Line... down over 18% from its post-Model 3-production-goal spike... 

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TSLA also broke below its 50DMA...(having already broken below its 100DMA and 200DMA)... 

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This has obviously upset Elon Musk, who is now taking aim at analysts on CNBC... 


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Moon Kil Woong 7 months ago Contributor's comment

Sadly Musk has been quite poor at his estimates of production as well. This may be why the analysts have been wrong and shows why they should not take executives guidance all the time. Being the size it is, I don't believe that one can expect Tesla's stock to rocket higher the way it has in the past. The hard part of business begins for the company. That is performance and earnings rather than concepts and hype.

Beating Buffett 7 months ago Member's comment

But you have to factor in customer loyalty and like #Apple, #Tesla has rabid fans. For example, Apple's stock should have tanked when it came out that they were deliberately slowing down customers' products so that they would be forced to buy new products - that's a complete betrayal of their customers. But it barely caused a blip. $TSLA $AAPL

Duke Peters 7 months ago Member's comment

Good point. Moon Kil Woong, how do you factor in such intangibles as "customer loyalty?"

Moon Kil Woong 7 months ago Contributor's comment

Tesla has a lot more brand fanatics than customer loyalty right now. It's future is on getting more business and ramping up. It is still a very small player in terms of marketshare in autos. What matters for them is converting brand into high enough prices to make a profit and to cut their expense bleed so they don't constantly lose money and need to raise more money or die every other year.

Alexis Renault 7 months ago Member's comment

What's the difference between "brand fanatics" and "customer loyalty?"

Moon Kil Woong 7 months ago Contributor's comment

Brand fanatics are infatuated with the brand but it doesn't mean they own or buy the product. Brand loyalty is loyalty to the brand through purchasing and love of the product they own. There are more followers and investors of the stock than owners of Tesla cars and solar panels. This has a lot to do with its constant capitalization and massive debt load which at some point becomes a burden rather than a benefit.