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Why The Shale Boom Left California Behind
4 years ago

It would be possible to inject the water deeper, but they don't do it for economic reasons. But there are places where the fault is near the oil-producing zone. In those cases, it's the fracking that can directly cause an earthquake. Not sure of the situation in California, but it would in any case be a touchy subject.

Why The Shale Boom Left California Behind
4 years ago

I actually discuss this in the presentation. I didn't get into it here, because it requires a bit more nuance than "fracking causes earthquakes." So in the presentation I explain that most of the earthquakes in Oklahoma are a result of wastewater injection, but fracking itself has been implicated in some earthquakes (a small portion in Oklahoma) but a higher percentage in other shale plays. I just didn't want to get into all that in this article.

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