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Director of Alternative Fuels Technology at Advanced Green Innovations

I am a chemical engineer working in the energy industry. I have over 20 years of international engineering experience in the chemicals, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries, and hold several patents related to my work. I have worked in the areas of oil refining, natural gas production, ... more

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Big Oil’s Bad Week
The world’s largest integrated oil and gas companies are the so-called supermajors or more commonly “Big Oil.” In order of descending market capitalization, these companies are ExxonMobil, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, TOTAL SE, and BP.
The IEA’s Seven Key Pillars Of Decarbonization
The big takeaway here is that global electricity demand would more than double by 2050 as the world shifts to electric vehicles.
Can U.S. Oil Companies Follow Equinor’s Renewable Path?
Equinor aims to become a net-zero carbon company by 2050. In other words, they are striving to supply energy with an overall net zero contribution of carbon to the atmosphere.
Oil Demand Has Nearly Recovered
The EIA showed steady growth in jet fuel demand following last year’s plunge, and they projected demand will return to normal by the second half of next year.
The Energy Sector’s Blowout Quarter
After three abysmal quarters in 2020 — due to the triple whammy of an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia - the energy sector has dramatically picked up over the past two quarters.
Why Gas Prices Rise Nearly Every Spring
Many factors influence gasoline prices, but there are specific reasons behind the seasonal changes.
Oil Production Changes By President From 1961-2020
Over the past 60 years, U.S. oil production has seen its ups and downs. From the decline that began in 1970 through the fracking boom of the 2000s, U.S. presidents have overseen a wide range of oil production changes.
Which President Oversaw The Highest Gasoline Prices?
The issue of oil and gasoline prices is a two-edged sword. Low gasoline prices may be good for consumers, but it often signals problems with the overall economy.
China’s Dominance Of Clean Energy Supply Chains Raises Concerns
Over the past decade, no major energy source has grown faster than solar power.
Why Gasoline Prices Are Rising
This past week the national average price for regular gasoline rose to $2.71 per gallon. That marks an increase of $0.46/gallon since the beginning of the year. This past week the national average price for regular gasoline rose to $2.71 per gallon.
Natural Gas Performed Heroically In Texas, Until It Didn’t
So natural gas was carrying a heavy load during the early stages of the storm, and that is the source of that particular narrative.
The Risks In Biden’s Energy Plan
Fossil fuel replacements come with their own risks and trade-offs, and it is important to understand and weigh these trade-offs as we transition from fossil fuels.
Funding For Battery Technology Companies Exploded In 2020
Last fall Swedish lithium-ion battery maker Northvolt announced that it had raised $600 million in equity to invest in capacity expansion, research and development, and large-scale recycling.
How Fossil Fuels Are Saving Lives In Developing Countries
Over the past 20 years, renewable energy usage has exploded around the world. In general, there is a widespread belief that renewable is better for the planet. That is often true. But not always.
How President Biden’s Executive Orders Impact The Oil Industry
Now that President Biden has issued a pair of executive orders that are viewed as hostile toward the oil and gas industry, many people have asked me whether Biden has in fact banned fracking.
My 2021 Energy Sector Predictions
The COVID-19 pandemic last year was a black swan event that caused unprecedented fallout across the energy sector.
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