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Director of Alternative Fuels Technology at Advanced Green Innovations

I am a chemical engineer working in the energy industry. I have over 20 years of international engineering experience in the chemicals, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries, and hold several patents related to my work. I have worked in the areas of oil refining, natural gas production, ... more

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Where The U.S. Oil Industry Stands
The global Covid-19 pandemic led to an abysmal second quarter for the earnings of U.S. oil companies, but oil prices themselves staged a recovery during the quarter.
Why The World Needs More Nuclear Power (2020 Edition)
Today the U.S. and European Union are the areas with the world’s greatest nuclear power consumption, as well as the greatest dependence on nuclear power.
Renewable Energy Growth Continues At A Blistering Pace
Renewable energy continued its blistering growth pace in 2019, globally increasing by 12.2% over 2018. Over the past decade, renewable energy consumption has grown at an average annual rate of 13.7%.
The MLP Structure Is Under Siege
Income-generating assets have had a challenging time since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Popular income vehicles like master limited partnerships (MLPs) have been especially hard-hit.
HH U.S. Coal Consumption Down 50% From Peak
Although global coal consumption modestly declined in 2019, over the past decade it grew by an average annual rate of 0.8%. Nevertheless, global growth has been in a downtrend over the past five years.
U.S. Dominance In The Natural Gas Sector Is Growing
Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. It is also fastest-growing fossil fuel, with a global 2.6% average annual growth rate over the past decade.
How The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Impacting The Battery Sector
The world is in transition between a lead-acid battery past, and a future in which lithium-ion batteries are poised to supplant lead-acid batteries and to displace increasing volumes of transportation fuels.
The World’s Top 10 Oil Producers And Consumers
Over the past 35 years, global oil consumption has risen by 39 million BPD, an average increase of 1.1 million BPD each year. Last year’s rise fell just short of that average.
EC Fossil Fuels Still Supply 84 Percent Of World Energy
Primary energy consumption grew by 1.3% last year, which was less than half the rate of 2018 (2.8%). Nevertheless, this still represents the 10th consecutive year that the world sets a new all-time high for energy consumption.
Midstream Oil And Gas Companies Adapt To COVID-19
Since the March lows, the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry has recovered most of its losses.
Will Covid-19 Permanently Shrink The Fossil Fuel Industry?
The fossil fuel industry has faced serious headwinds for several years, but the rise of renewables combined with the fall in consumption as a consequence of the global corona crisis is pushing it over the edge and into “terminal decline”.
How Propane Can Help Transition To A Low-Carbon Future
The world is transitioning to a low-carbon future. This transition is being aided by policies aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as rapidly declining costs for renewables like wind and solar power.
Renewables Overtake Coal, Thanks To Natural Gas
Last week the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported something extraordinary. For the first time in 135 years, last year U.S. consumption of renewables surpassed consumption of coal.
Three Factors Driving Oil’s Dramatic Rebound
Oil prices have come a long way since the deep dive into negative territory a month ago. So, what has changed in the oil markets in the course of a month to so dramatically change the outlook? We can attribute this to at least three factors.
HH Short Term Energy Outlook Shows Impact Of COVID-19 On Energy Sector
The EIA is projecting a significant recovery of energy prices in the second half of this year, and then a major recovery in demand next year.
Pipeline Companies Slash Investments By Half Amid Oil Collapse
With the collapse in oil demand, oil producers and refiners have come under intense financial pressure. Not far behind are the integrated supermajors like ExxonMobil and Chevron.
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