Coming Back: An Update

Hi! This is the first note from my laptop as I am barely able to press keys but semi-sitting up (first time) and trying.

So, I am struggling but very slowly improving. I had 3 minor surgeries on the backside wound from 2 weeks on ventilator; and doing ok with the trache and painful plumbing.

The market rotation is wild; obvious blow-off insanity ran into rising rates plus we got the shift to infrastructure . The worst may have ended with a retest very likely. However remember there is Quarterly Rebalancing at month-end so that might see some shifting into bonds from stocks, briefly.

My gratitude to all who stayed aboard; it's supportive and I'll extend service once I'm more active. 

In another week I may move to a more intense physical therapy hospital as part of recovery hoping to walk again. So far I cannot stand more than a few seconds as my spine is out of alignment from 2 months hospitalization.

Friends say doctors gave me only a 1 or 2 out of 10 survival chance at the outset, and here I am. I'm very optimistic that specialized therapy will help me resume functioning. The good news is I never lost taste or smell, and the doctors find me anxious to get through this, as I tend to tell them what I need beyond what's offered.

I cannot thank you enough for your patience, concern and well wishes. And if possible I will send updates more frequently as my condition improves.

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Joe Box 3 years ago Member's comment

Very sorry to hear about your illness and very happy to see you back at "work". I did miss seeing your column and unique writings. I have been a fan since many moons ago when you were on Channel 22 KWHY (if I remember correctly the station call ) and was surprised and delighted when I first saw your column posted here. Recover fast and stay heathy!

William K. 3 years ago Member's comment

I am hoping also that your recovery is both rapid and complete. And I am aware of the painful assault of that breathing tube.