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Taper Squeeze Is On!
2 years ago

Thanks for the share!

No Respect
2 years ago

Do you really think it would have been any different under Trump?  It was his plan to pull out the troops.

Netflix Refreshes The Script For FAANG’s While Banks Yawn
2 years ago

$NFLX continues to impress me.

In this article: GS, MS, NFLX
Incoming $1400 "Stimmy" Checks Could Push The S&P Over 4,000
2 years ago

Checks may not go out till mid February. Seate as a plate full of decisions to make

Triumph Of Hope Over Experience?
3 years ago

I wonder if they really gave Putin's daughter the vaccine? If so, that's both scary and confidence building. But also not sure if we can believe all that comes out of Russia.

The New Rash Of Investor Rip-Offs… And How To Avoid Them
4 years ago

Lol, I hadn't actually heard that one before.

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