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10 Dividend Stocks For Retirement And Financial Freedom
Video By: Camari Ellis
Saturday, March 27, 2021 5:31 PM EDT
Creating income streams in retirement or creating financial freedom is crucial. Many of the Blue Chip Stock companies pay a great dividend and have great dividend payout track records.
In this video: OO, ED, IBM, JNJ, K, KO, PG, SLG, T, USB, VZ
IBM Approaching Key Breakout Level
Article By: Orbex
Friday, March 26, 2021 9:43 AM EDT
Shares in IBM were trading higher ahead of the market open today. The company’s stock price has enjoyed a solid recovery rally off the 2021 lows with price recovering from around the mid-117 level to highs around 133 currently.
In this article: IBM
IBM: An Undervalued Dividend Stock To Buy?
Article By: Dividend Diplomats
Thursday, March 25, 2021 11:27 AM EDT
IBM appears to be an undervalued dividend growth stock.
In this article: IBM
Wyckoff’s Second Law For IBM Where Patience Will Be Rewarded
Article By: Anna Coulling
Monday, March 15, 2021 10:34 AM EDT
If you’re a patient investor then IBM may be a stock to have on your watch list as it is now approaching the second anniversary of the start of the current phase of price consolidation.
In this article: IBM
Putting A Collar On The Dogs Of The Dow
Article By: Gavin McMaster
Sunday, March 14, 2021 11:35 AM EDT
2020 was tough year for the Dogs of the Dow. The strategy backtest shows a loss of 7%, while the Dow Jones index was up 6%. Could returns have been improved with the use of options? Yes, it could.
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Berkshire Repurchases A Record $9 Billion In Stock In Third Quarter
Freddy Frighter 11/7/2020 9:30:08 PM

Don't know why anyone would be buying $IBM right now.

Baby Steps Won’t Take Berkshire And Buffett Anywhere
Mohit Oberoi 2/17/2020 12:57:53 PM

Well, #Buffett himself admitted to mistakes in $IBM, $ORCL, and Kraft Heinz. He also admitted missing out on $AMZN and $GOOG

Ebay Sues Amazon Claiming Illegal And Unethical Activity
Harry Goldstein 10/18/2018 4:37:16 PM

This is nothing new. Look at Bayer $BAYN and all the other German companies that got huge by using slave Jewish labor during the Holocaust. Even $IBM profited from the Nazi's by helping them to be more efficient when killing Jews.

All companies really care about is their bottom line. In 99% of instances, any company being "kind" has only done so after doing an analysis and seeing that the positive PR benefits outweigh the costs.

AT&T's Business Is Shrinking Not Growing, Say Analysts
Jared Green 7/31/2018 3:39:22 AM

One of the many reasons they wanted $TWX. Adapt or die. $IBM has been able to turn it around. I think $T waited too late.

IBM "Beats" Thanks To Record Low Tax Rate
Moon Kil Woong 1/19/2018 2:29:45 AM

Sadly, it wasn't a strong showing for #IBM. That said, at least it is finally showing revenue growth. $IBM

IBM Likely to Make Comeback Despite Buffett Selling More Shares
Michael Molman 11/22/2017 1:20:43 AM

Personally I believe IBM could be returning back to growth on the back of significant investments in revolutionary new technologies like #blockchain and quantum computing. It is possible $IBM could be a leader in these new fields.

President Trump Wants To Upgrade The Government’s IT; Microsoft Should Benefit
Angry Old Lady 5/2/2017 6:42:47 PM

While true, I think $IBM and $MSFT are two likely beneficiaries. And I think the author is correct that any company, such as $AMZN which has criticized #Trump will likely be excluded from consideration.

President Trump Wants To Upgrade The Government’s IT; Microsoft Should Benefit
Dick Kaplan 5/2/2017 6:41:28 PM

While the industry as a whole will likely benefit from this executive order, it is really too early to tell if $IBM, $MSFT or any other specific company will benefit.

Short Setups For The Last Exiting Bear Holdouts
Kurt Benson 8/25/2016 3:38:01 AM

Couldn't agree with you more Alan Pennock. Closed out my short on $IBM and shorted $SWHC and $SGY.

Short Setups For The Last Exiting Bear Holdouts
Alan Pennock 8/25/2016 1:50:34 AM

I agree on $IBM blue, I closed out my short awhile ago. Waited a long time but with all the insider trading, buying off the mkt. and giving themselves options for pennies on the dollar, esentially robbing from the investors, employees, and customers, their ponzi scheme was sure to #crash, and it did. I am short $swhc and $sgy. #StoneEnergy is in a world of hurt. Borrowing just to stay afloat and if #oil doesn't rebound anytime soon they are toast. Say hi to Vivian Lewis for me, an old friend from stock gumshoe. I think Travis has made some bad decisions lately. A real shame. Best to u always. alan

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