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Gold Miners Trading At Dirt Cheap Prices
Article By: Macro-Ops
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 6:30 AM EDT
A walk through the housing bust in the southern hemisphere, large stock inflows, a secular peak in market multiples, and the long-term bull case for precious metals.
In this article: AUY, GOLD, XAU Also: FXA, FXY, IEF, XLB, XLE, SPX
Gold Stocks Are Worse Than Gold
Article By: Kelsey Williams
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 5:31 AM EDT
Gold stocks latest swoon confirms what has been stated and inferred in my previous articles about gold mining shares – namely, gold stocks are a lousy investment.
In this article: GOLD, GDX, HUI, BITCOMP
6 Monster Stock Market Predictions – The Week Of May 16, 2022 Edition
Article By: Michael J. Kramer
Sunday, May 15, 2022 9:44 AM EDT
On Friday, stocks had a big rally, with the S&P 500 rising by around 2.4%. But the rally looks shaky, and with Jay Powell due to speak on Tuesday afternoon at a Wall Street Journal event, there is a good chance that the gains from Friday vanish.
In this article: GE, JPM, GOLD, INTC, SHOP Also: QQQ, SPX
Barrick Gold: Quality And Value
Article By: Peter Krauth
Saturday, April 9, 2022 1:00 PM EDT
I’m going to take a deep dive review of Barrick Gold, which is the world’s second largest gold producer in the world. It’s been in our model portfolio since June 2020.
In this article: GOLD Also: NEM
Gold Miners Aren't Concerned Over The Pullback In Gold, Nor Am I
Article By: Mish Shedlock
Saturday, April 2, 2022 8:31 PM EDT
Let's take a look at action in two major gold miners and a gold mining ETF vs the price of gold futures.
In this article: NEM, GOLD, GDX

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Silver Is Your Inflation Protector
Linda Willis 10/13/2021 3:12:52 AM

#Silver is a must own. I prefer physical, but I do love miners. Commodities over the next 20+ years will do just fine. $GLNCY, $GOLD, $SILJ and $NAK.

How the Eurozone Affects Gold, and Why You Should Care
Monica Kingsley 1/27/2021 5:06:58 PM

I am not really sharing such a bearish $GOLD and GDX view, and in my today's stocks and gold analysis, I lay out why

Here's What To Buy As Gold Hits Historic High
Linda Willis 7/27/2020 4:00:13 AM

$GLD $GOLD Barrick is the way to play it 💰📈

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