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Deforestation Free Funds
The major asset managers are doing less than they could to help with deforestation. There are deforestation free funds out there that are taking the high road.
Wave-Trend Summary - Equities, Fixed, Commodities
The following charts summarize the latest Wave-Trends for the three major asset classes, by volume and by price.
When Did The Current Secular Cycle Begin?
High inflation or deflation could drive P/Es lower.
Copper - Will Be In Great Demand
Without a substantial increase in copper production in the short to medium term, which will be very difficult, the 2050 climate goals cannot be met.
With Fed QE Comes Consequences
The question is whether this QE return will persist or not.
Wave-Trend Update: Gold
As represented by SPDR Gold Shares (GLD​​​​​​​), price and volume turned the wave-trend bullish this week.


AIEQ AI Powered Equity ETF
BND Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF
GOLD Barrick Gold Corporation



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Given the experience of ARKK, AIEQ, and IPO over the last five years, it’s hard to compare these against the S&P without wondering what their future will be.
The AI ETF Struggles
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Will The IPO Market Ever Recover?
With banks lending to themselves, where is the IPO funding going to come from?

Work Experience

September 2022 - Present (7 months)
I developed 2 algorithms for a value and momentum asset allocation strategies.
Asset Allocation Strategist
March 2021 - August 2022 (1 year 6 months)

I developed investment systems and asset allocation applications for fiduciary plan sponsors, investment advisors, and investment companies.

Principal Consultant
Fiduciary Focus, LLC
January 2018 - March 2021 (3 years 3 months)

A trusted advisor to senior executives at mid-to-large sized professional services firms on retirement plans through my firm, Fiduciary Focus, LLC.

Principal Strategist
TG Asset Management, LLC
April 2010 - December 2017 (7 years 10 months)

Oversaw asset management firm designed for retirement plan assets. Developed and launched a dynamic asset allocation approach and system for counseling plan sponsors and retirement plan participants.

Co-Portfolio Manager, Director - Asset Allocation
January 1999 - March 2010 (11 years 4 months)

Architect and co-portfolio manager to four equity ETF portfolios and six fund of fund strategic asset allocation portfolios with assets under management of $30B+.

Lead manager for the creation, production, and management of asset allocation and portfolio manager research services across all individual investor products and institutional 401k plans.

AVP - Investment Management
Chase Manhattan Bank (JPMorganChase)
January 1998 - December 1998 (1 year)

Role included coverage of international equities on the Dynamic Asset Allocation team.

Mutual Fund Consultant
January 1997 - December 1997 (1 year)
Mutual Fund Analyst
J&W Seligman
June 1996 - January 1997 (8 months)
Investment Executive
October 1995 - June 1996 (9 months)
Individual Consultant
June 1990 - October 1995 (5 years 5 months)


2019 / 2019
Quantitative Algorithms
The Wharton School
2018 / 2018
Portfolio Management
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Bachelor's Degree
1985 / 1989
Cultural Anthropology


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