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Market Talk – Tuesday, Nov. 19
Saudi Aramco has set a valuation between 1.6-1.7 trillion USD, well below the initial goal of 2 trillion set by the Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman. The stock is set to be listed next month on the Riyadh stock exchange.
Market Talk – Monday, Nov. 18
A lot of pessimism in the news today regarding the US and China trade deal, with agricultural and concerns over intellectual property being the main sticking points.
Market Talk – Friday, Nov. 15
US retail sales rose 0.3% in October, according to data released by the Commerce Department this Friday. The uptick counters the decline in September, although spending in certain areas such as restaurants continued to decline.
Market Talk – Wednesday, Nov. 13
US indexes recovered midday after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified before Congress. Although the labor market is solid and unemployment remains low, Powell expressed a few concerns.
Market Talk – Tuesday, Nov. 12
America’s top milk producer, Dean Foods, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy this Tuesday. The Dairy Farmers of America are allegedly in talks with Dean Foods to buy out their remaining assets.
Market Talk – Monday, Nov. 11
The Canadian job market sunk beneath analysts’ expectations in October after declining by 1,800 positions. The unemployment rate remained stable at 5.5%.


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