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Market Talk – Wednesday, May 12
Consumer prices in the US grew at the fastest pace in 12 years this April, according to data released this Wednesday by the Labor Department.
Market Talk – Tuesday, May 11
While numerous analysts have blamed the added unemployment stimulus pay for April’s lackluster jobs report, others are concerned that low wages are to blame for people’s reluctance to return to work.
Market Talk – Friday, May 7
April’s jobless report came as a disappointment after the unemployment rate rose to 6.1% from an estimation of 5.8%.
Market Talk – Thursday, May 6
The Department of Labor released an optimistic weekly jobless report this Thursday, showing signs of a workforce recovery in the US.
Market Talk - Wednesday, May 5
Mexico’s GDP fell 3.8% on an annualized basis but grew 0.4% in the last quarter. Mexico’s central bank expects GDP to advance 4,5% in 2021.
Market Talk - Tuesday, May 4
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen believes there may be a case to raise interest rates so that “our economy doesn’t overheat”.
Market Talk – Thursday, April 29
US GDP spiked 6.4% this quarter, marking the fastest pace of growth since Q3 of 2003.
Market Talk – Wednesday, April 28
Japanese retail sales rose at the fastest pace in five months in March as consumer demand recovered from the huge hit it took from the coronavirus pandemic last year.
Market Talk – Tuesday, April 27
India’s economic activity has held up well against the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, but the rise in infections risks protracted restrictions and inflationary pressures.
Market Talk – Monday, April 26
Single-family homes in the US soared 20.7% this March at a seasonally adjusted rate of 1.021 million, according to the Census Bureau.
Market Talk – Friday, April 23
The International Monetary Fund says in its latest forecast that the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and vast sums of government aid will accelerate global economic growth to a record high this year in a powerful rebound from the pandemic recession.
Market Talk – Friday, April 16
Wall Street closed in the green after the Dow recorded its fourth consecutive week of gains.
Market Talk – Thursday, April 15
The Dow hit an all-time high this Thursday after advancing over 300 points and surpassing the 34,000 level.
Market Talk – Wednesday, April 14
Coinbase released its long-awaited IPO this Wednesday afternoon and opened at $381 with a valuation of $99.6 billion. The IPO was valued at $250 before its release, which would value the company at $65.3 billion.
Market Talk – Tuesday, April 13
The US federal government spent at least $660 billion more than it profited last month, according to the Department of Treasury. The government spent nearly double on a YoY basis, making purchases to the tune of $927 billion in March.
Market Talk – Monday, April 12
Asian markets have a very volatile day today. The surge in Covid-19 numbers globally has raised concerns worldwide.
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