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Market Talk - Thursday, Oct. 21
The US workforce is recovering as initial jobless claims reached a post-pandemic low last week, according to the weekly Labor Department report.
Market Talk - Wednesday, Oct. 20
At a time when bank stocks are seeing notable gains, overdraft fees have reached an all-time high.
Market Talk - Tuesday, Oct. 19
Yellen described the debt ceiling stall as a “temporary reprieve” and claims the Treasury will continue to take “extraordinary measures” before the December 3 deadline.
Market Talk - Monday, Oct. 18
The oil markets had a negative day today.
Market Talk - Wednesday, Oct. 13
Unsurprisingly, consumer prices spiked 0.4% in September, beating analysts’ expectations of 0.3%, as reported by the US Labor Department.
Market Talk - Tuesday, Oct. 12
Inflation is continually rising, as proven in a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York this Tuesday.
Market Talk - Friday, Oct. 8
Payrolls increased at a minimal pace this September, disappointing analysts and investors. Only 194,000 positions were created in September despite estimates for 500,000.
Market Talk - Thursday, Oct. 7
US lawmakers have decided on a temporary solution to the impending debt ceiling crash.
Market Talk - Wednesday, Oct. 6
Job hirings in the US surpassed expectations this September, according to the ADP.
Market Talk - Tuesday, Oct. 5
Today’s report by Statistics Canada also indicated that trade with the United States fell in August.
Market Talk- Monday, Oct.4
The average car price in the US spiked 10% YoY in August to $43,355, according to Kelley Blue Book (KBB).
Market Talk - Friday, Oct. 1
The Canadian economy declined 0.1% in July, according to a report released by Statistics Canada this Friday.
Market Talk - Thursday, Sept. 30
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen continued to voice concerns over the looming debt ceiling crisis this Thursday.
Market Talk - Wednesday, Sept. 29
China’s ambitious foreign infrastructure push has saddled poor nations with “hidden debt” worth $385 billion, and more than a third of the projects have been hit by alleged corruption scandals and protests.
Market Talk - Tuesday, Sept. 28
The oil markets had a mixed day today.
Market Talk – Friday, Sept. 24
Evergrande’s debt crisis will slow down China’s economic growth, but will likely have minimal spillover on the country’s financial system, Li Daokui, a former advisor to the People’s Bank of China said in an interview to CNBC.
1 to 16 of 1764 Posts
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