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Market Talk – Friday, July 31
Buoyed by a construction boom, China’s economic recovery continued apace in July, new sentiment data suggested.
Market Talk – Thursday, July 30
A blowing sign for the US economy, contracted -32.9% during the second quarter. Unemployment is on the rise, with an additional 12,000 Americans filing last week according to the Labor Department.
Recession Part II
As we head into the fall of 2020, the damage from this coronavirus lockdown will begin to make its full impact felt.
Market Talk – Wednesday, July 29
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) voted to maintain rates at the current near-zero level that it has held since mid-March.
Market Talk – Tuesday, July 28
The Federal Reserve announced plans to continue its lending programs until December 31, 2020. The central bank originally planned to end the initiative on September 30.
Market Talk – Friday, July 24
President Trump’s own party has denied his wish to cut payroll taxes as part of the next coronavirus stimulus package.
Market Talk – Thursday, July 23
Unemployment is on the rise as lockdown measures and business closures continue to plague the US. This week’s jobless claims totaled 1.416 million, according to the Labor Department.
Market Talk – Wednesday, July 22
Tensions are rapidly and continually rising between the US and China. The US has ordered China to close its consulate in Houston, Texas, by Friday — a move described as “political provocation” by Beijing.
Market Talk – Tuesday, July 21
Canada’s retail sector is on the rise, but still beneath pre-coronavirus levels, according to new data released by Statistics Canada this Tuesday.
Market Talk – Monday, July 20
The $600-a-week bonus unemployment benefit that was implemented under the CARES act is set to expire this Saturday. President Donald Trump will consider implementing another bill, but only if it includes a payroll tax cut and liability limits.
Market Talk – Friday, July 17
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson opened the door on Friday for more people to return to their offices in an effort to kick-start the UK’s flagging economy, which has shrunk by one quarter since March.
Market Talk – Thursday, July 16
US retail sales advanced 7.5% in June, according to the Commerce Department, which exceeded expectations as analysts at Reuters anticipated a 5% increase.
Market Talk – Tuesday, July 14
The US budget deficit topped $867 billion in June, the Treasury reported, which brings this fiscal year’s federal deficit to $2.7 trillion.
Market Talk – Monday, July 13
Real output in the EU is only expected to return to pre-COVID levels in 2022, according to data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday.
Market Talk – Friday, July 10
France, the second-biggest economy in the European Union, returned to growth this month even as activity in the rest of the region continued to decline.
Market Talk – Wednesday, July 8
The travel and transportation industries are continuing to suffer as a result of the coronavirus shutdown. United Airlines announced today that it may need to furlough one-third of its employees.
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