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Avoid These 3 Overvalued Metaverse Stocks In December
1 month ago

Rivian a Ev company is priced at 100 billion market cap with 0 revenue…Matterport is a disruptive technology with a first mover advantage with triple digit subscription revenue increase….it  is valued closed to $7 billion with an easy potential of $100 billion.

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Beware, Gold Bulls — That’s The Beginning Of The End
3 months ago

All this inflation is bearish for an inflation hedge.

Time To Buy Weed Stocks?
8 months ago

Exactly right.

Should Tesla Try To Acquire Ford Or GM In 2021?
1 year ago

Acquire #Ford or #GM? No! What on Earth for? $TSLA

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Opening Up The Economy, Case By Case
1 year ago

It's nearly mid-November. Way too cold to eat outside in much of the US this winter.

Opening Up The Economy, Case By Case
1 year ago

I saw that video online about the people who went out to eat, and had a special gel on their hands to leave traces of every place they touched. The reporter then cast a blacklight and the substance was literally all over everything and everyone! I would not eat out right now, not a good idea.

U.S. Oil Price Collapse = U.S. Economic Collapse
1 year ago

Equal defaults on bank loans to oil industry.

3 Things That Don’t Affect Price Of Gold
2 years ago

The price of #gold will move higher when the free markets are allowed to control the price. Not the paper markets.

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Are We In A Recession Already?
3 years ago

I'd have to agree.

Gold Shorts About To Get Burned
3 years ago

Not quite convinced.

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