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Cisco Earnings: What To Expect
8 months ago

I don't recall learning about a "whisper number" system back in economics 1, 2, or 3. Are folks afraid to speak out for fear of jinxing things? or just for fear. I see way more fear based choices than data based choices.

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WTI Crude Oil And Natural Gas Forecast - Tuesday, Jan. 22
8 months ago

My first clue about crude prices rising was in seeing the gas prices jump up 35 cents in 2 hours. Sorry guys, but I will NOT be wishing you success in this price rally.

Wall Street Has Not Been This Wrong Since 2008
9 months ago

Perhaps making business decisions based on panic-driven emotions is a poor choice?? Do you suppose that the stress level of intense panic can lead to errors in choices???

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The Worst Christmas Eve For The Stock Market Ever – The Dow Has Now Fallen More Than 5000 Points From The Peak
9 months ago

If the book has more words than a tweet, will it ever be read by Mister Trump????

The Worst Christmas Eve For The Stock Market Ever – The Dow Has Now Fallen More Than 5000 Points From The Peak
9 months ago

Panic is defined as an irrational emotion, and financial dealings should NEVER be driven by emotions. What part of that is so hard to believe?? So the reporting of panic driven poor choices is telling us what we already knew: It IS NOT all about wall street and their money. Unfortunately, they ARE able to do a whole lot of damage with their irrational panics.

Nothing Is Calm, Nothing Is Bright
9 months ago

Interesting indeed. Interesting interpretations as well.

Stocks: What Is Going On And How Bad Could It Get?
9 months ago

I do not like speeches when the object is to gain insight. Please give us text, with or without charts and graphs. Text, where we can back up and read it again if it was not perfectly clear to us the first time. Text, where we can slow down and get the meaning of each word. Text, where we don't miss something valuable because of some noise on our end. If I want to see actors acting I will go to the show. But if there is an important message, put it in text. Jokes are fine for speeches, the good delivery of a good joke is a great thing. But I don't visit TalkMarkets for the jokes.

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U.S. Corporate Debt Is A $9 Trillion Problem
9 months ago

Holding on to cash is certainly less risky than debt, OR is it? Not spending to be ready for the future could be a false economy. Of course, spending on development is a lot different than spending on share buybacks.

Setting Up For More ‘Residual Seasonality’ Not Inflation
9 months ago

The reason that we keep hearing about the "strong" economy is from the first term propaganda class: Repeat a lie often enough and people will start to believe that it is the truth." Likewise, consider all of those CEOs who constantly spout sunshine. If they told the truth they would be out on the street by noon the same day.

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