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Labor Strikes In China
3 years ago

Very good point.

What To Do About Apple
3 years ago

All true but I'd like to see Apple come up with another cash cow product beyond the iPad/iPhone line. Their competitive edge is in identifying what could be the next big product, and making their own version of that product better than anyone else. We need that next big thing. Maybe something in smart home products, wearable tech or self-driving vehicles.

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Gold Vs Gold Stocks: Bullish Anomaly Developing?
4 years ago

Hey guy, does it kill you to be polite? Maybe you don't like the way she said it, but while I don't mind having to go to your site to get the info, I don't like finding out I can't get it either. You might want to remember that some of us are just starting to look into gold and need some pointers before we can do our own research. Some examples of what you characterize as 'mining stocks' is all I'd ask for.

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Eurozone Banks Ready To Implode, Part 1: It’s Bad, You Know
4 years ago

I would say you are overstating, exaggerating, and simplifying the situation.

Netflix: Great Company, Overvalued Stock
4 years ago

Great article, couldn't agree more.

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How Accredited Investors Should Follow The Marijuana Trend
4 years ago

Great post. Does this author have any other related content or do any other authors here cover this industry? Txs.

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