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EADSY: Forget Boeing – Fly With This Stock Instead
2 months ago

True. My buddy is an airline mechanic - he says they get replaced 2x more, and RR engines aren’t much better.

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Why J Street Deserves Support
4 months ago

If Mexico invaded the US and raped and massacred its people, even their children, as they slept in their beds, I bet you would be the first ones calling to bomb them all to hell.

And let's not forget that the Gazans voted Hamas into power, and that 72% iof Palestinians support the massacre of October 7th.  Sounds like they made their bed, it's time to deal with the consequences.  And thousands of civilians crossed into Israel and joined in the raping and murdering, so these are not exactly innocents and hundreds of thousands willingly act as human shields.  Hiding weapons and bombs in their homes, etc.  There aren't many true innocents in Gaza.  Virtually all of them would slit your throat without a moments hesitation if you stepped foot in Gaza.  They want the entire world to live under Sharia law and voted a goverment into power that calls for the genocide of all Jews and Christians.

Joe Biden Is Not America's President
4 months ago

Sadly, Biden IS our president, because he won the election.  We can't only acknowledge the presidency when its our candidate who wins.  Otherwise our democracy and freedoms mean nothing.

MicroStrategy Files For $750M Stock Offer After Buying 16.1K BTC
4 months ago

They aren’t stupid. And neither am I. All in on #bitcoin. Bullish!

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Where To Invest In The EU/Eurozone Mess?
4 months ago

The problem is Gaza gets billions from Iran, Qatar, Russia and others. Even most of the aid money from Western countries gets funneled to Hamas' arsenol.  If we don't support Israel, the last bastian of democracy in the Middle East, the little country will be overwhelmed, like they almost were on 10/7. And when that happens, we'll be next.  Hamas has said so themselves.

Labor Shortage Hits US Coast Guard, Forces Reduction In Active Fleet Of Cutters
5 months ago

Between Russia and Iran (and maybe even China), now is NOT the time to have a shortage in the military.

Joe Biden's Shameful Legacy
6 months ago

I admit I now realize Trump lied about the election, only fools still believe he won.  There was no fraud, but Trump SHOULD have won.  I still don't understand how Biden could have received millions of more votes than Trump. I do think Biden is half senile or on his way. But even Trump supported Israel.  Any half-way decent Republican supports Israel. Especially now. Only the wackos don't. Not sure why Naegele hates them so much.

Joe Biden's Shameful Legacy
6 months ago

Israel is the only bastion of democracy in the Middle East, and our only true ally we have there.  They also foolishly safeguard human rights and innocents - the only country over there that does.  Heck, if you walked into Gaza, you wouldn't last 5 minutes before someone murdered you just for being an American.  What's your beef with Israel anyway?  They are one of the good guys.

Oil Slides On Biden-Maduro Deal For "Freer" Venezuela Elections, Easing Export Sanctions
6 months ago

The government knows Iran will soon be out of commission and want to lockdown supply.

Israel War Adds To Global Turmoil
6 months ago

Time to invest in defense companies, and guns and ammo.  We're next! Hamas said so themselves.

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