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Fifty-Eight Percent
1 year ago

Seems unlikely. The state of Texas even just rejected the 2020 election as fraudelnt. Seems those Republicans are all in for Trump:

The Bond Market Is Tightening, The Fed Is In A Box, And The Economy Will Pay.
3 years ago

Yes, the steepening of the yield curve is a sign of imminent recovery.

Will Covid Drive Companies To Relocate To All-Inclusive Tropical Locations? This Man Is Betting Yes.
3 years ago

Same here. But what about children? What's there to do for them over there?

Stop The Corona Insanity - The Data
4 years ago

Yes, I will agree with you on that DRM. The contradictory info can make my head spin.

Stop The Corona Insanity - The Data
4 years ago

You are right DRM, I didn't understand what you are saying. So you are saying that while Sweden's death rate is many multiples, per capita, compared to its neighbors, it's actually lower than other major counties like the US or Italy. Ok, that is something to think about, but I don't think you can compare them - those countries have far more people and are far more densely populated and did not social distance until a high number of people were already infected. What country is Sweden's size?

Stop The Corona Insanity - The Data
4 years ago

Why do you have "official" residents in quotes. What do you mean?

When Will The Stock Market Recover - Should I Buy Stocks Now?
4 years ago

Don't buy now - things are going to get much much worse.

In this video: SPX, VIX
Trump Is Playing With Fire; Coronavirus Update
4 years ago

Note that the infections are centered in New Rochelle which is a suburb, not Manhattan. So it should be somewhat easier to contain.

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