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The Biggest Threat Is Not Dominion
11 days ago

This would be a great idea.  But as I stated on another one of your posts, Fox will never report about the lawsuit, or their culpability, to its viewers. So most will never know.  And if they hear about it, they are now so brainwashed,  they will likely dismiss it as "fake news."  Not realizing that they were the ones watching the fake news all this time.

What Is Fox Going To Do?
11 days ago

Even I was surprised at how blatantly Fox lied to its viewers and how badly they were caught. But since they will never report this on their own network, the majority of their viewers will likely never know.

Why The Apple Watch Comes Up Short In Heart Attack Detection… And Other Alternatives
12 days ago

Reads well for beat and it’s 12-lead. As noted in the article.

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AMD Stock - Finally Time To Buy It?
8 months ago

Good video, and history does tend to repeat itself.

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Opening Day: Tenon Medical Shares Soar In Market Debut
10 months ago

I had it at 24 then 20 ugh 😩

Why Gold Is Not Your Productive Asset
1 year ago

I'll trade you wheat for silver bullion! Let's get the silver bullion trading daily for groceries and goods of service etc!

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No Qualms, No Prisoners
1 year ago

Good technical analysis, thanks.

Higher Silver Price: Matter Of “When” Rather Than “If”?
1 year ago

#Silver’s updraft is over. Stagflation kills metals. I’m buying puts, and making bank!

Lies That Central Bankers And Bitcoin Pumpers Tell
1 year ago

Personally, I often find myself disagreeing with @[Peter Schiff](user:5270). And that didn't change after watching this video.

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