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T’Winners From The Deferred Energy Crisis
5 months ago

I'm not sure either. Maybe the author, James Hanshaw, can explain why.

Are Materials Stocks Too Cyclical To Invest In?
6 months ago

Thanks Mr. Valuation, great video.  Much better than expected.

Tesla Recalls Over 120,000 Vehicles In US Over Door Issue
6 months ago

Why do they call it recall when its actually an over-the-air update fixed in seconds?

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T’Winners From The Deferred Energy Crisis
7 months ago

Did he ever reply?

IBM’s Q3 Performance: A Detailed Financial Perspective
8 months ago

Good info here.

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Joe Biden's Shameful Legacy
9 months ago

Cleary he thinks Bibi, which is downright comical since we've never seen Bibi rape or behead anyone.  But as these crazies come out of the woodwork, they create their own realities.  This dude is clearly off his rocker.

But to answer your question, I vote for Hamas. Their savagery even made ISIS blush. Netanyahu shouldn't even be on the list - he may be corrupt and an ass, but he never killed anyone that didn't deserve killing. 

Gavin Newson Is Pure Evil
1 year ago

I'm surprised Biden is running again.  While I don't think he's as bad as you always claim, he's simply too old.  He may be able to do the job now, but will he be able to do it in 2, 3, or more years from now?  At that age, even the best of us start to fade.  Of course Trump isn't much younger.  Probably best for us to get some new blood in all around.

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD Tumbles Below $1850 On Elevated U.S. Bond Yields
1 year ago

You really think they gonna pay that back! 

Sika: Unknown And Undervalued Swiss World Leader With Enormous Growth Potential
1 year ago

Well you certainly hit the nail on the head with this title.  I've never heard of $SXYAY, but it definitely sounds like a good opportunity

In this article: D, SXYAY
Gold Rush In The Making? Case For Higher Gold Prices Gets Stronger
1 year ago

The thirst for gold for the BRIC should have a massive impact on it. With us driving it down to keep the dollar strong against it. It will be a tug of war ahead.

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