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Twitter Incurs Republicans' Wrath
10 days ago

To be fair, this does NOT say the FBI confirmed anything. It said some random anonymous source did. Which means very little. I could be that source for all you know. Why is it that the numerous anonymous sources that said Trump called soldiers "losers" were lying, but this single anonymous source is real?

We're in the final days before the election, people will say anything at this point to try to turn the election around for Trump. I'm not saying it's not true, but take anything we read until the election, with a dose of healthy skepticism.

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Market Briefing For Monday, Oct. 5
26 days ago

Seemed very political versus facts.

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How To Manage A Stock Portfolio Without The Hassle
29 days ago

Thanks for sharing. Should help some newbies out there.

Cannabis Central: Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio Drops Further On Thursday
1 month ago

I'd say you are probably right about that William.

Eltek Ltd.: With Turnaround Completed, This Deep Value High-Tech Manufacturer Is An Intriguing Growth Story
1 month ago

I agree, this stock is undervalued and friendly to shareholders. Certainly worth a closer look!

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Glyph, The Minimalist Shoe Startup
1 month ago

In my experience, this is the kind of product that, if it catches us, especially with influencers, it can really take off. And then the company can easily diversify into other products. Get a celebrity to endorse it or feature it on their show and you have got it made!

US: Fed Says Wait Until 2024
1 month ago

Yes, very troubling.

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