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GameStop Reports 175% E-Commerce Growth In Q4
26 days ago

But $GME revenue was down 10% from 2019 as a whole. This 175% number just means that their online sales were previously pathetic and don't make up nearly enough of their business as they need it to.

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Intercept Downgraded To Sell From Neutral At H.C. Wainwright
1 month ago

Does this matter? They upgraded one of my stocks last week $ABEO to a price that is 3 times the price then and it went down so hard since then. Screw the Anal-ysts.

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Is This The Start Of A Correction?
2 months ago

Brokers/Banks and Retail traders will be on the hook for massive margin calls on retail investors. Also watch the overall market go down because people will have to sell their portfolios to cover said margin calls. People that over leveraged may have to file for bankruptcy, lose their house, lose everything. Since options expire weekly/monthly this could go on for a while and cause massive financial strain. - this could also be a culprit

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Brazil Poised For A Breakout
2 months ago

You had some good stuff, do you write any more?

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Silver Market Update - Powerful Advance Believed Imminent...
3 months ago


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The Road To A Post-Corona Boom - Part 1
9 months ago

I'm glad you are staying safe and wearing a mask. I simply don't understand those who view wearing a mask as a weakness or would actually make fun of people who wear them (which Trump HAS done). It makes no sense - if there is even a chance that wearing a mask can keep you and others safe, why not wear one while out? They aren't THAT uncomfortable. It seems to be sheer stupidity to me.

The Road To A Post-Corona Boom - Part 1
9 months ago

Great comment thread. But DRM, I disagree. In fact I think the US should make it mandatory to wear a mask outdoors. Science has proven that it helps limit the spread of #COVID19 and countries and states that have made it mandatory are faring far better.

The Road To A Post-Corona Boom (Healthcare) - Part 2
10 months ago

Your way of telling a story within an article is unusual for me, but interesting. Undecided if I like it as I'm more used to just reading facts. I didn't realize what was happening at first.

I will say that our health system, though expensive, is the also the best in the world as a result. But when it comes to COVID-19, tests and treatments should be free. Otherwise some who suspect they are infected, will do nothing, simply because they can't afford to.

Bitcoin, Like Global Warming, Is A Faith-Based Religion
1 year ago

Exactly #bitcoin has to be exchange to government funds that's how government can shut this scheme down. Good post!!

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