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 Michael Monk is an ASU graduate, an active journalist and dedicated contributor to Amblesideprimary.

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Pinterest Is Bouncing, But More Downside Should Follow
4 months ago

Nah, only upside, even Microsoft willing to buy for 80. $PINS, $MSFT

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The Canadian Cannabis Report - Monday, Jan. 18
8 months ago

What's your take on $TLRY?

Is It The Right Time To Buy Kohl's?
1 year ago

#Kohl's is finally looking attractive to me after a long rough patch. $KSS

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Facebook: Growth Continues Despite Doubts
1 year ago

I've had the identical concerns. I trust Facebook even less than Tiktok.

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WTI Holds 'Beirut Instability Premium' After Bigger-Than-Expected Crude Draw
1 year ago

The Middle East will always be a wild card. I wonder what it would take to have true stability there. Do you think the explosion in Lebanon was just an accident?

Macy's: Still Not Out Of Woods
1 year ago

They can do anything with the tech these days. Some of it is very Big Brother like too! Kind of scary if you ask me.

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How To Attract Funding For Your Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic
1 year ago

Useful tips here. I expect all companies will need to adapt and evolve or they will not survive this traumatic time.

The Road To A Post-Corona Boom (Foreign Policy) - Part 3
1 year ago

These are good points, Joseph.

Are COVID-19 Lockdowns Weakening Our Immune Systems?
1 year ago

Yes, Tyler Durden likes to push boundaries, but it's a disservice to give this guy a platform. Unless it's to service as a conversation started so we can convince those who might be naive enough to believe him, to know better.

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