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Exxon Mobil Bear Flag Signals Drop Coming
6 months ago

You need to wait for the leg to drop out of the rectangle to confirm the bear flag formation. All you have right now is consolidation since there's been no break-out.

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Is AMC Entertainment's Stock Overvalued Or Undervalued?
7 months ago

That's dependent on what investors decide not the news!

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Inflation Is Not The Price Of Prosperity
9 months ago

I like #PeterSchiff's economic thinking but this is hilarious. I love how he and his son are polar opposites on #crypto.

The Funding Challenges Ahead
10 months ago

Great read.

It's Good To Be A Guinea Pig
10 months ago

What's your take on the 3rd booster shot?  Recommended?

Let Us Understand Something
1 year ago

Exactly right.

US Oil Production Growth Cut
1 year ago

Just ups our value.

Robinhood Planning Confidential IPO As Early As March: Report
1 year ago

Let’s short it like how Citadel and Melvin Capital do!

Gold Stocks Break Out
1 year ago

Not great timing given the recent price action.

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