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UBER Is Turning The Corner
Article By: Greg Feirman
Tuesday, November 1, 2022 1:05 PM EST
It’s been a long ride but the initial business plan to disrupt and take over the taxi industry seems to have become reality.
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Uber Revenue Beats Estimates As Bookings Surge
Video By: CNBC
Tuesday, November 1, 2022 10:30 AM EST
Uber Technologies came out with a quarterly loss of $0.61 per share.
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S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones – Mega-Cap Tech Hammerings Rattle Sentiment
Article By: Nick Cawley
Sunday, October 30, 2022 10:23 AM EST
US equity markets have had a mixed week with the tech bellwether Nasdaq 100 hit with bouts of high volatility. Amazon slumped over 20% in minutes after releasing disappointing figures, mirroring price action seen by Meta earlier in the week.
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Uber Q3 Preview: Rebound Quarter Inbound?
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Saturday, October 29, 2022 10:22 PM EST
A popular company residing in the realm, Uber Technologies (UBER) , is on deck to unveil quarterly earnings on November 1st, before the market open.
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Key Factors To Know Ahead Of UBER's Third-Quarter Earnings
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Friday, October 28, 2022 10:41 PM EST
Uber Technologies is scheduled to report third-quarter 2022 results on Nov 1, before market open.
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Uber, Lyft Revenues Drop By Staggering 50% Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
Bruce Powers 4/3/2020 5:55:55 AM

Considering that many companies are now at 0%, this is actually surprisingly good news for $UBER and $LYFT. Plus that 50% decrease does not include the additional 50% increase in Uber’s food delivery segment.

Kalanick Set To Liquidate Entire Uber Stake After $2.5 Billion Dump
Jack F. Dawson 12/25/2019 11:53:15 PM

Travis Kalanick didn't sell a single share until the all time low of #Uber's stock which was the day of the lockup. That graph makes it look like he started selling before it crashed to all time lows. It is incredibly misleading. $UBER stock is up ALMOST 20% since Travis Kalanick sold his first share.

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