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Four Stocks To Sell First Thing Tomorrow
5 hours ago

Didi is primed for a bounce, look at Friday, June 30th.

Blah blah, China could go down. Amzn, pins.

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Crocs Vs. Designer Brands: Which Footwear Stock Is A Better Buy?
7 days ago

#CROCS all day everyday, I'm from the streets! $CROX

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Better Than The 2.5% Value Tax
20 days ago

Makes sense to me.

Great Speech
20 days ago

Agreed. I thought it was Biden's most forceful speech todate. Unfortunately, it wasn't even broadcast by Fox News. They instead showed a discussion on Bill Gates' divorce. Clearly that's more important than the president addressing our nation. Newsmax and OANN completely ignored it as well, which is a shame since Trump's base are the ones that needed to hear it the most.

Ituran: A Daring Ride Into The Danger Zone
1 month ago

This is a very informative article, thank you.

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“Three Car Manufacturing Giants” Go Back To Hong Kong?
3 months ago

Why can't they simply be listed on both?

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Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
5 months ago

Timothy Naegele, though we do not seem to agree on this matter. I hope you at least agree that Mr. Ultra's comments below are wrong, and that you condemn them.

Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
5 months ago

While I can certainly appreciate your not reveling in violence (kudos to that), the official video is an important part of evidence that is critical to finding out the truth (if you care to know it), and is now a part of history.

Not watching it does not deny that it happened. Perhaps if you watched it, you might change your mind about the situation.

Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
5 months ago

"2024, 2028, and beyond." When I hear things like this from #Trump cultists, it gives me chills and reminds me that #Hitler had once been democratically elected too.

Joe Biden Is Trumpism’s Best Asset
5 months ago

#Trump told his supports to go to the Capital and take back their country. He said he'd go with them (he did not). He loaded a gun and points it straight at the Capital Building. And he wasn't some nut on a soap box. He was the President!

He could have ended the violence in a second if he just told the people to stop. But he didn't. He was silent for hours. Even when he finally told them to go home, he said it was a great day to remember and that he love them. The man is a maniac.

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