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I enjoyed finding new trade ideas and for stocks that might not have otherwise been on my radar.

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Why The World Is Revamping The Reusable Water Bottle Market?
3 months ago

Nice, have any more articles here?

The Stock Market Will Be Unleashed On June 18
4 months ago

That's a very well written analysis. Appreciate the learning opportunity.

Steer Clear Of These 2 Popular Electric Vehicle Stocks
8 months ago

Haha $WKHS is kicking ass I love it!! When bearish articles and bears come out left and right you just know we are flying!

In this article: NIO, WKHS
Piper Sandler More Than Doubles Tesla Price Target To $1,200
8 months ago

Sell on upgrades and buy on downgrades. They are selling #Tesla to diversify their ev portfolio. $TSLA is no longer the only player.

In this article: TSLA
Did China Pandemic Endanger The World For A Deal?
1 year ago

I find this hard to believe. It almost sounds like China wanted the pandemic to get a better trade deal. But China's inaction ended up costing them billions.

Las Vegas Pandemic Disappeared. Trump Knew
1 year ago

That's a good point. But if some of these projections come true and millions die, it won't matter. Any one who lost a love one likely won't be bought off. And it's not like Trump is giving out money from his own pocket. It's the government's. The people would have gotten that no matter who was president.

Las Vegas Pandemic Disappeared. Trump Knew
1 year ago

4 to 6 weeks ago, I was confident Trump would win the election easily. Today I am convinced he will lose by a landslide. And 100% it will be because of how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

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