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The Retail Apocalypse: A Millennial's Perspective
7 years ago

I appreciate this, as a #millennial, that you wrote this, because often everyone is asking "what is happening to retail?". They believe its some supernatural phenomenon but really it just a few, simple concepts. Great read!

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The American Onshoring Trend Is Gaining Momentum
8 years ago

A better question is, however, would we get the dirty thirties again?

"Mm Mm Good" - But Very Expensive
8 years ago

Wouldn't it be ignorant to say not to worry about negative interest rates in the long run?

The Placebo Effect
8 years ago

Placebo Effect is great wording for this. Could this effect extend to anything else, however?

Under Armour To Dominate The California Market
8 years ago

Players like Curry will only increase in value so it will be interesting to see Lebron James, Kobe, and others will fight with Under Armour

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Chipotle Identifies The Next Big Thing In Fast Casual Food: Burgers, Fries, & Shakes?
8 years ago

We can commend $CMG but the burger realm already have it's kings and they're not ready to be dethroned just yet. As @[David H. Johnson](user:30665) said, its unnecessary as they have bigger things on their plate.

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Natural Gas's Slumber Unlikely To Last
8 years ago

I wonder if this will help other countries such as Canada and Russia. Their economies took a hit due to the low natural gas prices. Great read nonetheless!

The "Mystery" Of Who Is Pushing Stocks To All Time Highs Has Been Solved
8 years ago

You hit the nail right on the head. the issues with the central banks and markets.

P.S: I will never forget this line "the combination of UK political fudge (and perhaps Italian tiramisu),... "

Bill Gates And Other Billionaires Backing A Nuclear Renaissance
8 years ago

the efficiency of nuclear energy and very appealing. A whole city can be powered with a handful of uranium, but in the end, as always, the money and cost involved outweighs any possible benefit that may arise from this situation.

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How To Interpret The Fed’s Warning On Stock Valuations
8 years ago

Never would have thought that lower inflation rates would have a somewhat domino effect

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