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DOW: A 6.7% Yield That’s A Victim Of Circumstance
1 year ago

A little bit much summary judgement there. The $DOW dividend isn't in such bad shape. Not a whole lot of places to go for a reasonably safe 7%.

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Zoom Is Now Worth More Than The World's 7 Biggest Airlines
1 year ago

I know. It just shows people are not doing dd. I looked up zoom to buy and was so surprised at the p/e number. The p/e should be at 13-30. 2000??? One bad or even neutral news this stock will fall off a cliff.

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Zoom Is Now Worth More Than The World's 7 Biggest Airlines
1 year ago

The new age market doesn't care about valuations. It's crazy. Just look at shop. Already priced for future earnings 10 years out.

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Debt And Deficits With The Coronavirus
1 year ago

This comment should be read by all. It's exactly correct.

Cannabis Central: Dismal Month For Every "Pot" Stock & ETF Except Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.
2 years ago

Thanks Lorimer, if you could only invest in one cannabis company, which would it be?

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Chevron Should Walk Away From Anadarko Deal
2 years ago

Very interesting article. You've made a great case as to why #Chevron should simply walk away. But why are they so adamant about pushing forward with winning a bidding war? Are the Permian Basin properties really so valuable to Chevron?

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Most Shorted Major Stocks Of February 2019
2 years ago

Why do people hate Tesla so? They make great vehicles. The best I've ever seen. Sure they have some tough financials, but they'll get past that. You can't discount customer loyalty. In fact it reminds me of Apple back in the day.

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Another Bad Day For Stocks
2 years ago

I like $BLRX. What was the Gamida cell news that I missed?

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