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Letter From The Value Investing Mental Asylum, Or, How I Embraced Stoicism
1 month ago

I think #Zoom will crash and burn once the pandemic is over. $ZM

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5 Dividend Stocks To Hold During The Second Wave Of Coronavirus
3 months ago

Aren't we on the third wave now? I've lost track!

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Next 3 Years For Top 10 Stocks
4 months ago

Dark Ages sounds a bit extremist. We'll be ok.

Nasdaq 100, DAX 30, Nikkei 225 Forecasts Ahead Of Big Tech Earnings
4 months ago

Afraid about mute movements after Earnings.

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Twitter Incurs Republicans' Wrath
4 months ago

Wow, well I'll be. I really hadn't believed they were legitimate.

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The US Virus Problem Is Going From Bad To Worse: But There Is One Bright Ray Of Hope - Testing
6 months ago

There are definitely better tests being developed, like the one Ayelet Wolf linked to below. But it sounds like this one is ready now. Who knows how long we'll have to wait for the others.

Why Yields Are About To Rise
6 months ago

Great read. highly recommended.

Death, Economics And Coronavirus
7 months ago

Can a full lockdown ever be truly successful? Even if essential staff are tested regularly, it just takes one false positive for an infected person to slip through.

Coronavirus: Let's Move On
8 months ago

This is fascinating. Why isn't the entire world studying this city as a potential solution. Are they giving them antibody tests to see if they actually did have it?

Did any become seriously ill, but not die, or have some of the known long term affects, such as blood clots, strokes, child inflammatory syndrome or permanent heart or lung damage? Seems that all eyes should be here.

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