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Navigating Through The Markets Choppy Waters
1 month ago

Good read, thanks.

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I Forewarned You Months Ago - Now CDC Agrees...
1 month ago

I agree with you both. And what makes this even more obvious is that if you compare the number of US deaths this year with past years, about 200,000 more have died than the average. That's right on par with how many people COVID-19 has killed in the US.

Death, Economics And Coronavirus
2 months ago

Excellent article.

Amazon: Fantastic Growth, But Not A Buy Right Now
3 months ago

I sometimes wonder if there will ever be a limit to how high $Amazon will climb! $AMZN

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The Best Way To Build Wealth In The Long Term
3 months ago

Good read, thanks.

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Coronavirus: Let's Move On
3 months ago

Because, in absence of a lockdown, the more people who have it, the more people will catch it. And even if it doesn't kill you, for some people, it knocks you out for months, and some say they still haven't fully recovered. Also lots of talk of clots, strokes, amputations, inflammation disease, lots of crazy related stuff. It's not just about who dies. If someone is alive but in a coma, or missing all their limbs, it's not much of a life.

This Week A Look At China
3 months ago

Thanks Mark, very informative.

Tech Is In La-La Land
3 months ago

Good read.

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Weighing The Week Ahead: Sustaining A Fragile Recovery
4 months ago

It's great that you always highlight David Templeton. He's one of the best ones out there.

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Gold’s Beautiful Silent Breakout
4 months ago

Gold is beautiful, but I still prefer diamonds! I'll just have to invest in both.

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