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I've worked hard my whole life, but it wasn't until my introduction to investing where I found my groove and was able to make it big. A movie fan, collector, and big kid at heart, I can finally indulge in all the finer things in life I was denied as a child!  The world is ... more

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The Power Of A Secular Bull Market
6 days ago

People are saying less over oil investment as we move away from fossil fuels.

Israel Seeks To Invoke US Anti-BDS Laws Against Ben & Jerry's
9 days ago

I find it ironic that to support the Palestinians, B&J is going to ban the sale of their ice cream in Palestinian areas, but still sell it in Israel. Seems that the only one they are punishing here is the Palestinians. Where's the logic? Not the brightest people are they?

Commodities: COVID Fears
10 days ago

There would be far less to fear if more people were vaccinated.

Inflation Soars, Powell Remains Unmoved. What About Gold?
15 days ago

#Gold tanks too! Because logic doesn’t apply here.

Small Businesses Unable To Find Employees
16 days ago

Some of this has to be because so many people are making the same, or even more on unemployment then they were when employed. Don't you think that once unemployment for everyone ends next month, that this trend will reverse? There will be more people will be looking for jobs than open positions.

Bitcoin, Stay On Course
18 days ago

Which crypto was that and who did it?

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Is Now The Time To Buy Into Virgin Galactic, Meta Materials, Or Krispy Kreme Stock?
18 days ago

Good read! I agree with everything except I'm not sold on $DNUT.

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Nokia Holds Strong In Market Weakness: What's Next?
22 days ago

Guys #Nokia will be 5 something for life. $NOK

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AMC Stock Forecast For 2025 – It Doesn't Look Good
23 days ago

I plan to buy and hold even more $AMC.

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