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I've worked hard my whole life, but it wasn't until my introduction to investing where I found my groove and was able to make it big. A movie fan, collector, and big kid at heart, I can finally indulge in all the finer things in life I was denied as a child! The world is mine!

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TV’s “Mythbusters” Reveal Secret To Nvidia’s AI Dominance
1 month ago

This is very impressive, but it's hardly the Mona Lisa as we know it.  Still, quite a feat.  #Nvidia is clearly a leader in this space.  $NVDA

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Rivian Q1 Earnings: Revenue Jumps A Whopping 82%
1 month ago

Yes, buy #Rivian now. Bullish on $RIVN

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What Should VCs Do With Zombie Companies?
1 month ago

I've always felt that VCs that invest in a company should be offering more than their capital. They have contacts, expertise and knowlege they should be leveraging.  And most importantly, other startups they've funded.  They can likely find numerous synergies and help jumpstart a zombie startup into being profitable again.

Why not help them find a new partner, a new core team member, or a new customer?  Sometimes this is all that's needed to give them the push to get them moving forward again.

Google's War With The News Threatens To Spread To The U.S.
1 month ago

Really interesting, thanks.

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The Bare Minimum
1 month ago

Maybe not.  But places like Iran and Russia can determine if there is world peace or not.  Both regularly try to destabalize other countries.

How Much Longer Must This Go On?
2 months ago

What do you mean if this were 1945 the warring would be over?  WWII lasted 6 years!  And we're far from a world war.  Just Ukraine/Russia and Israel/Hamas.

AI Stock Picker
2 months ago

Is this your own opinion or are they compensating your for this post?

Chart Of The Week: Residential Housing Construction
2 months ago

 $OPEN gets a large percentage of its revenues from customers that are moving out of an older or existing home and want to buy from a Builder. More Builder sales = more revenues and profits for OPENDOOR Technologies. Bullish

Can Intel And AMD Compete With Nvidia?
2 months ago

Better question is: Can Nvidia exist without Taiwan?

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