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Crypto Trading Strategy In A Volatile Market
Michele Grant 6/4/2020 11:25:51 AM

I am not a fan of #cryptocurrency for precisely this reason. It enables criminals and. Additionally it can be hacked (anyone who says it can't is kidding themselves) and then you have no FDIC insurance, or any other recourse as it can not be tracked.

I am fine with digital currently which is regulated and protected, but I've never heard valid arguments by honest people on why we specifically need a cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency History & Origin – Timeline Infographic
Harry Goldstein 7/12/2018 2:12:15 PM

Just how many #cryptos are there? And who determines if they are legitimate or not? Couldn't anyone create a #cryptocurrency?

If Bitcoin’s Rise Was Bad For Gold, Will Its Fall Be Good?
Susan Miller 6/27/2018 11:26:53 AM

While I am not a fan of #bitcoin or any #cryptocurrency, you are wrong to say it isn't worth anything. Anything that people are willing to pay for has value. From Ty Babies, to Garbage Patch Kids, to virtual upgrades in video games - it all has value if someone will pay for it. The question of whether it is a fad is another story...

Will Your Next Job Be In Cryptocurrency?
Alpha Stockman 5/28/2018 8:56:07 PM

Seems like everyone is creating a #cryptocurrency these days. Wish I were next!

Cryptocurrency: Money Or Asset?
Charles Howard 3/29/2018 7:40:18 AM

I thought one of the hallmarks of #cryptocurrency is its anonymity. How would any one know if North Korea bought up #bitcoins?

Bitcoin Bubble Warning Follow-Up
Harry Goldstein 2/18/2018 7:11:50 PM

Was #bitcoin the first ever #cryptocurrency? How many #cryptocurrencies are there now? And what is the difference (if any) between digital currency and cryptocurrency?

An Objective Look at Bitcoin; What No One is Giving
Harry Goldstein 2/18/2018 7:11:02 PM

Was #bitcoin the first ever #cryptocurrency? How many #cryptocurrencies are there now? And what is the difference (if any) between digital currency and cryptocurrency?

Reasons To Be Cheerful – There’s Three
Surae Magruf 2/8/2018 6:19:57 AM

The recent roller coaster of #cryptocurrency attests to your comments about the volatility of the market. #Bitcoin just rose more than $2k in over a day.

Reasons To Be Cheerful – There’s Three
Currency Trader 2/7/2018 7:25:53 PM

You are right about #bitcoin. What's your take on it, and #cryptocurrency in general?

Here’s Why Crypto Is Correcting ... And Why It’s Temporary
Currency Trader 2/5/2018 5:14:58 PM

As I've mentioned on previous articles, I don't see how government regulation fits into the #crypto world. The whole reason #cryptocurrency took off is because so many people (not just criminals) wanted a #currency that was annoymous and not controlled by any governments. If you get rid of these fundamental pillars, what's left? Paypal?

I'm more focused on traditional currencies so if I'm missing something critical in my thinking, please enlighten me. Thanks.

Bitcoin’s Value: Probably A Lot Higher Than You Think
Michele Grant 1/30/2018 1:30:55 PM

Richard Shaw was kind enough to share this article with me:

Looks like hackers stole $530 million worth of digital currency yesterday. That's even more than the famous $400 million hack of Mt. Gox back in 2014. This is one of the greatest risks of #cryptocurrency and why I enjoy the peace of mind of my FDIC insured #cash.

Bitcoin’s Value: Probably A Lot Higher Than You Think
Currency Trader 1/29/2018 12:05:56 AM

Moon Kil Woong, the issues that you stated can not be resolved. The whole purpose of #cryptocurrency is avoid gonverment regution and a paper trail. Without that, all you have is #Paypal or #ApplePay.

Cardano's ADA Could Be The Third Largest Cryptocurrency By The End Of The Year
Currency Trader 1/18/2018 12:04:13 PM

It's getting to the point where I'm starting to create my own #cryptocurrency!

Regulation And Goverment Re Cryptocurrencies
Dick Kaplan 1/16/2018 12:41:37 PM

Enjoyed listening to this Cory Fleck. You make a great point about #bitcoin being the only #cryptocurrency that is decentralized. However, you got me thinking. You mentioned how that all other currencies have a creator who can dictate the direction of that currency. But bitcoin does not since #SatoshiNakamoto disappeared.

So what WOULD happen if this mysterious creator returned? Couldn't that happen at any time?

Investors Are Buying Power Stations In Russia To Mine Cryptocurrency
Michele Grant 1/16/2018 12:23:21 PM

This #CryptoCurrency craze is getting ridiculous!

Bitcoin Regulation And Forks Upcoming
Gerard Paul Dacanay 1/3/2018 12:19:15 AM

My concern is how the government regulations can scrutinize the idea of bitcoin technology for normal citizens that just want a peer to peer transaction without having to go centralized through banks paying them large amounts of fees by controlling your own funds. We are now at a new stage of generation, more and more people would like a chance for changes in our systems these days. Taxes and other majority expenses are surging for most of us especially with the population getting larger. In my view, #cryptocurrency technology would be an ideal thing for now till the future, having control of your funds of savings that benefits your own interest not being centralized by institutional governments.

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