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Snap Inc.: Kicked In The Spectacles
Ayelet Wolf 10/9/2017 9:43:30 PM

"Onstage today at the Vanity Fair Establishment Summit, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel disclosed that the company had sold “over 150,000 units” of Spectacles sunglasses. Spiegel interestingly compared Spectacles sales to those of the original iPod, claiming that Spectacles had outsold the device."

Mr. Spiefel, you are no Steve Jobs. #Snap is not looking good. And neither are those glasses.

8 Reasons Why We're Not Snapping Snap's IPO
Harry Goldstein 3/12/2017 4:46:50 PM

I had just read about #Snap's no voting rights in Time Magazine, yet in all the articles I've read online, yours was the first to actually mention this point. It seems rather unprecedented. I believe the article said it was the first time in history this has ever been done. $SNAP

8 Reasons Why We're Not Snapping Snap's IPO
Bindi Dhaduk 3/10/2017 6:43:59 PM

#Snap is going to very quickly replace #Twitter. Change always comes from the next generation - among my friends, I don't know anyone who still uses Twitter; they've all moved over to #Snap. Just like with #Facebook, all you old folks will eventually follow suit. $FB $TWTR $SNAP

3 Reasons to Consider Snap Inc (SNAP) Shares
Alexa Graham 3/9/2017 8:17:49 PM

Personally I'm pretty excited about #SNAP. I have high hopes for $SNAP

Snap IPO Filing A Disaster
Alexa Graham 3/7/2017 10:31:39 PM

Good insight [ Abdullah Jouejati](user:32712). Have you been following #Snap's #IPO since? $SNAP

Snap Out Of It: GoPro Or Go Home
Alexis Renault 3/7/2017 5:02:08 PM

Glad I received this article in my instant stock alerts email. You've completely changed my view on $SNAP. I was getting caught up in the hype of #Snap's #Spectacles, but I think you are right on the money - it's just a fad. I like your suggestion of partnering with existing hardware companies like #Fitbit and #GoPro. That makes far more sense for all the reasons you outlined. $SNAP $FIT $GPRO

Facebook: Nobody Can Compete
Dan Richards 3/6/2017 11:06:03 PM

All the hype has been about #SNAP, but I think the safe bet is still #Facebook.


Why You Should Hold Your Horses With Snap Inc Shares And Buy Facebook Inc Instead
Jared Green 3/3/2017 9:29:29 PM

You are all over thinking it... #Facebook is the better company without question. And that fact is reflected in the stock price of $136.99. #Snap's stock price is 1/5th that price at $26.92. You can buy 5X the amount of $SNAP as you can $FB.

Why You Should Hold Your Horses With Snap Inc Shares And Buy Facebook Inc Instead
Ayelet Wolf 3/3/2017 9:24:16 PM

You are behind the times. #Snapchat just came out with #Spectacles ( which are freaking cool! Clearly they do know how to innovate and have even bigger plans for the future. I think #SNAP is the next big thing. #Facebook is yesterday's tech star. $SNAP $FB

Why You Should Hold Your Horses With Snap Inc Shares And Buy Facebook Inc Instead
Carl Schwartz 3/3/2017 9:20:12 PM

This is for the entire #Snap company. Not just #SnapChat. Does Snap do anything besides snapchat? Or are they truly a one trick pony, as you said? $SNAP

Why You Should Hold Your Horses With Snap Inc Shares And Buy Facebook Inc Instead
Barry Hochhauser 3/3/2017 9:17:19 PM

I'd have to agree with these analysts recommendation. I view #Snapchat as a one trick pony, whose gimmicky self destructing photos are easily circumvented. #Facebook has real innovation and is able to adapt to changing times. #Snap is overrated in my opinion. $SNAP $FB

Snap IPO Filing A Disaster
Abe Jouejati 2/15/2017 4:48:06 PM

I believe that $SNAP is over-valued, however, this is understandable considering it's impact on social media as well as #SNAP's integration into other media and marketing platforms. 158 million daily users does not happen by chance. Post-#IPO shares issued to the public will probably not do much for the SNAP's organizational structure. Since the founders retained 89% voting rights, it looks like they are sticking to a plan and vision and would like to execute without compromise.

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