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AMZN Bulls Target 3922.89 On Impulse Pattern
Marcy Brown 1/21/2021 1:15:52 PM

Gotta love #Amazon. It will forever go higher! Bullish on $AMZN.

Which FAANG Stock Will Grow The Most By 2025?
Samantha Carter 9/7/2020 1:55:05 AM

Mine is $AMZN.... #Amazon is into everything.

Fortnite is Gone
Danny Straus 8/14/2020 3:37:04 PM

Yes, that is an important distinction. I'll give Shelly Palmer another example to further that argument. I used to work at on online store and we also sold items on #eBay and #Amazon to get access to their millions of customers, just as app maker sell their apps on #Apple and Google's app stores. But we charged a little more on Amazon/eBay to cover the higher fees. Customers knew they could always buy them directly at our site for a bit less.

But Amazon and Ebay never said we were forbidden to sell items for less on our own site. That would be completely unfair in my mind. And it seems like there is some collusion between Apple and Google if this is their policy.


Amazon's Blowout Quarter: It Is Not Too Late To Buy
Angry Old Lady 8/4/2020 5:29:27 PM

I sometimes thing there will be no end to how high #Amazon can go! $AMZN

Avoid These 2 Stocks in July
Andrew Armstrong 7/9/2020 1:55:14 AM

#Amazon doesn’t even make that much of a profit, look at they’re annual/quarterly revenues. They sell about 76 billion they net about 2-3 billion of that. SPG is making a net profit however through the pandemic, that’s why they are still giving dividends out.

Macy’s Q1 Was Bad, But The Company Has The Cash To Survive The Current Pandemic
Andrew Armstrong 7/1/2020 9:19:26 PM

While I agree with you for the most part, there will always be a need for retail stores, which by the way, have online sales as well. And some online only stores like #Amazon, have begun to open retail locations. So when it comes to #Macys, yes, we can agree to disagree. By the way, I'm not just bullish on $M but on $AMZN as well.

Amazon vs. Ebay: A Case Study in Business Models
Adam Reynolds 6/17/2020 12:52:49 AM

#Ebay and #Amazon need to do more to stop those engaging in price gouging for hard to find PPE products. When hand sanitizer is $70 a bottle, something is wrong! $EBAY $AMZN.

Locking In Amazon Gains
Texan Hunter 4/22/2020 9:02:12 AM

Good article. I sometimes joke that #Amazon was behind the Pandemic, not China. It plays to all of the company's strengths. Bullish on $AMZN.

Baby Steps Won’t Take Berkshire And Buffett Anywhere
Kurt Benson 3/3/2020 6:05:40 PM

If I recall, I believe #Buffett said his biggest regret was missing out on #Amazon $AMZN.

Retail Apocalypse: Fact Or Fiction?- Part 1
Alpha Stockman 3/3/2020 12:22:42 PM

Retail isn't dead, it's just moving online as places like #Amazon take a larger percentage of market share. $AMZN.

Amazon Hit By Walkouts And Black Friday Protests
John Franko 11/30/2019 11:11:34 PM

#Amazon works its warehouse workers to death. That's how we get products so cheap. It's disgraceful. I'd complain about this more but I need to go place some Amazon Black Friday orders.

Google (Alphabet) In Bid To Buy Fitbit
Adam Reynolds 11/1/2019 8:50:04 AM

#Fitbit will have a great 2020 with the deals and partnerships it has lined up. A buyout is a good deal for #Google or #Amazon.

2 Main Factors That May Spell Serious Trouble For FedEx
Craig Richards 10/4/2019 1:47:29 PM

If #Amazon wanted to kill #UPS and #Fedex, they could.

Why I Watch This Master Investor Like a Hawk
James Grover 10/4/2019 3:28:48 AM

#Google is listed as early investor, but so are #Alibaba, #Microsoft, and #Amazon. Not sure how much Google really owns, especially when prospectus says that we may compete with these same cos. Looks like NET has closer ties with Alibaba, so my impression is they aren't that connected with Google as much as article implies!


Siri "Regularly" Listens In On Your Sexual Encounters, Apple Insists "Only For A Few Seconds"
Katy Lin 8/14/2019 2:36:19 AM

Unfortunately, we can no longer trust any of these big tech companies. They care nothing of our privacy or our rights. All they care about is money. #Apple, #Google, #Facebook, #Amazon.

Taking Flight with Up Sonder
Adam Reynolds 7/29/2019 1:28:16 AM

So do you think you will end up competing with #Amazon? Or being acquired by them? $AMZN.

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