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Whitney Tilson: Tesla’s Planned Model Y Reveal Event A Total Bust
Whitney Tilson’s email to investors claiming he doesn’t hold any positions in stocks he writes about and discusses Tesla’s Model Y reveal as a total bust; JetBlue; Brexit; Life Boat play; college cheating scandal.
These Metals Should Benefit The Most From EV Adoption
Some analysts and early adopters of the technology believe it’s only a matter of time before most vehicles are electric. However, until the auto market can reach that point, the EV supply chain will capture most of the early benefits.
Why Bad Credit Isn’t As Limiting As It Used To Be
In the modern era, having a bad score isn’t nearly as limiting as it used to be.
Active U.S. Equity Funds Beat Passive Counterparts
Following the recent news that active U.S. equity funds beat passive counterparts for the first time in five years, an investment manager explains why he believes that ETFs pose a potential threat to investors.
What A Difference A Year Doesn’t Make
In general, the markets seemed to be shaping up to be similar to what they looked like a year ago performance-wise.
Bitcoin And Ethereum Prices Follow Litecoin’s Sudden Surge
The Litecoin price, Bitcoin price and Ethereum price all surged dramatically at the end of last week, adding billions of dollars in value to the cryptocurrency‘s market capitalization.
December Was Just A Bear… And Value Still Lost To Growth
It’s clear at this point that momentum stocks haven’t given up the ghost just yet - even though it seemed like 2018 might finally bring sweeping changes to the stock market’s dominant factors.
What Correction? S&P Forecast To Approach Pre-October Levels
BofAML’s Bull & Bear Indicator continues to tick slowly back toward neutral after briefly tripping a contrarian buy signal earlier this month. The indicator ticked up to 2.5 last week.
A Silver Lining In Our Futures
Considering Silver is touching a three-year low and has found support at $14 per troy ounce, there’s just one way for it to go.
Stay Long Neck Braces And Equities
Don’t expect market volatility to subside anytime soon. Invest in a neck brace—more market swings and volatility lie ahead.
Top 10 Largest Economies By 2050: Emerging Nations To Dominate
The dynamics of the world economy are changing rapidly. Some countries will get richer by 2050 while others will find themselves in a financial mess.
Investors Are Seeing Red As Redemptions Hit Record High
It seems investors are becoming increasingly fed up with underperforming equity strategies, so redemptions continue to climb.
Palladium Vs. Platinum: One Is Setting Records, Other May Be Underpriced
Some investors and analysts are starting to see platinum and palladium as almost two sides of the same coin — even though the price gap between the two is at a record high.
This May Be The One Most Bullish Factor For Gold
Gold should benefit from the widespread volatility in the near term — especially in equities.
Beware The Stampedes: Public Pensions Flock To Credit Funds As Investors Flee Stocks
The herd mentality is in full force on Wall Street, but two groups are stampeding in different directions. Equity investors have spent the last couple of months dumping stocks across sectors.
Private Equity: Not Diversifying, Barely “Alternative,” And Now On Thin Ice
There are some reasons - particularly at this point in time - to be cautious about relying on private equity for diversification.
1 to 16 of 2160 Posts
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