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ValueWalk was started in January 2010, with a focus on value investing and value investors. As the site has grown, the scope has expanded. ValueWalk is now a news site covering all breaking financial news with an emphasis on value investing, hedge funds, large asset managers, Tech news, and ... more


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Trading Gold In Volatile Markets
Discussion on the trade of gold on the forex market.
How To Value A Company Like Dollar General Corp. (DG)
Dollar General Corp is operating a wonderful business that offers great value to both customers.
Tomorrow’s Computers: More Moore?
Discussion on advanced technologies over the years.
Four REITS Flagged As Overbought By News Sentiment Model
Discussion on four REITS flagged as overbought by news sentiment model.
Contrarian Long Thesis For First American Financial
Discussion on Long Thesis For First American Financial.
Is Your Retirement Portfolio Toxic? Too Much Amazon Or Bonds?
Discussion on reviewing of retirement accounts.
Top Value Creation Play In Biocare
Discussion on the products and growth of Hofseth Biocare.
Here's What May Happen To Gold If Democrats/ Republicans Win The Election
Debate on what will happen to gold prices if Democrats/Republicans win the elections.
Tollymore Partners: Long Gym Group [In-Depth]
Discussion about Tollymore partners Long Gym Group and Franklin Covey.
RPM International INC Increases Dividend As Fundamentals Recover
Debate on increasing the dividend of RPM International INC.
Is News Just Noise To Long-Term Investors?
Is News Just Noise to Long-Term Investors? Research by Bank of America and Empirical Research Partners Suggests Otherwise
Nikola Motors Responds To Hindenburg Research, “Buy The Dip”
Speaking to The Stonk Market from Nikola Motor‘s new PR firm in Argentina, Mr. Trevoro Miltono outlined the week long response to the Hindenburg scathing analysis.
The Hard Science Behind Why New Day Traders Fail: How Long-term Investing Produces Greater Returns
Over 97 percent of daily trading activity derives from individual investor accounts. Moreover, performance measured over six months found that eight out of ten-day traders loses money.
One thing that has been driving Tesla stock recently is the expectation that it would be added to the S&P 500.
Stocks staged a very strong advance relative to bonds in the month of August. The broad market index was up 7.2% and the long treasury bond index was down 6%.
“Tesla Lost $324 Million [in Q2], And That’s Before Accounting For Its Fraudulently Low Warranty Reserve”: Shortseller
Stanphyl Capital letter to investors for the month ended August 2020, discussing Tesla’s stock split, vicious competitive landscape in China, and how it is a busted growth story.
1 to 16 of 54 Posts
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