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These Are The Ten Best Performing Tactical Allocation Funds
Fund managers have wide discretion when it comes to asset allocations using tactical asset allocation, and this may result in big fluctuations in their levels of risk. Let’s take a look at the ten best performing tactical allocation funds.
These Are The Top Ten Stocks Popular Among Hedge Funds
Hedge funds are known to be smart investors, and there is always something intriguing about knowing the stocks that the “smart money” is betting on.
These Are The Ten Best Performing Small Value Funds
Value funds invest in securities that are deemed to be undervalued on the basis of fundamental characteristics. Let’s take a look at the ten best performing small value funds.
Natural Gas Prices Soar To Highest In Over A Decade Over Ukraine’s Ongoing Invasion
Natural gas prices in the U.S. have hit a record since 2008 on Monday as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine rages on and sends shockwaves within the energy market.
These Were The Ten Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies In March 2022
March was a good month for the crypto market as a whole. Still, not all cryptocurrencies managed to end March with a positive number. Let’s take a look at the ten worst performing cryptocurrencies in March 2022.
These Are The Ten Best Performing Small Growth Funds
Investors with a higher risk appetite can make quick money by investing in small-cap stocks. Even investors with a smaller risk appetite can go for small-cap stocks, but a better way for them to invest in such stocks is through small growth funds.
These Are Ten Small Cap Stocks With Strong Buy Recommendations
One can reduce some risk by taking into account analyst recommendations. Stocks with strong buy recommendations are more likely to perform better than others. Let’s take a look at ten small cap stocks with strong buy recommendations from analysts.
Ten Healthcare Companies With High Payout Ratio
The healthcare industry is among the biggest U.S. market segments in terms of market capitalization, but when it comes to dividend payouts, they rank very low.
Netflix Stock Down Over 50%, Losing Its Pandemic Gains
When the toughest restrictions were lifted, consumers rushed outside looking for the type of entertainment they could not enjoy during lockdowns—restaurants, theaters, and outdoor activities.
Oil Prices Leveled Out As Market Volatility Eases
Oil prices dropped on Monday during early trading hours after last week’s surge to $139 a barrel. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing American sanctions have played a central role in the rollercoaster prices.
These Are The Ten Worst-Performing Cryptocurrencies In 2022 So Far
The decline in cryptocurrency prices offers an opportunity for investors to buy quality cryptocurrencies at lower prices. Amid such a backdrop, let’s take a look at the ten worst-performing cryptocurrencies in 2022 so far.
Tesla Can Start Production In Germany Under Conditional Approval
German officials said that Tesla Inc. has been approved to start commercial production at its new Brandenburg factory. Under the conditional license, Tesla can start manufacturing both cars and battery plants after delays that stretched for months.
Global M&A Hits $741Bn Ytd – Only Exceeded Once Since Records Began In 1980
$740.9 billion USD worth of deals were announced globally during the first two months of 2022, levelling the value recorded during the same period last year and a year-to-date total only exceeded once since our records began in 1980,
These Were The Ten Worst Performing Mega Cap Stocks In February 2022
Most investors prefer smaller, fast-growing companies, but large and mega cap stocks could prove very profitable for patient investors.
These Are The Ten Best Performing Short-Term Bond Funds
The interest from short-term bond funds is less in comparison to long-term funds. These funds are preferred by conservative investors as they're less sensitive to interest rates. Let’s take a look at the ten best performing short-term bond funds.
Sales Of Home Depot Grew 11% In Fourth Quarter
The retailer reported earnings per share of $3.21 against a $3.18 expectation, while revenue was better than expected, $35.72 billion versus $34.87 billion.
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