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EV Battery Stocks Provide Big Potential In 2023; This Is Where Investors Should Place Their Bets
Electric vehicles have cemented themself in the automobile industry, with several legacy automakers planning or already selling a range of electric cars.
It Is Irresponsible For Someone Who Has Doubts About Buy-and-Hold Not To Mention Them
People have doubts about Buy-and-Hold. But you don’t hear them express them very often. If high stock prices translate into lower stock returns, the safe withdrawal rate is lower when stock prices are high than it is when prices are moderate or low.
Existing Home Sales Declined 2.4 Percent In March
The Conference Board on Thursday announced that its index of Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) declined 1.2% in March and is now at the lowest level since November 2020.
NFT Market Resilience: Analyzing Key Trends And Future Prospects From The Balthazar Update
As the non-fungible token (NFT) market continues to make headlines, there’s no denying that its impact on the world of digital assets is nothing short of transformative.
New Meme Coin DigiToads Token To List On BitMart Exchange
The crypto market has been red hot recently. BTC ripped past $30,000. ETH staking withdrawals will go live, breaking the $2,000 price point while BTC dominance dropped while its price climbs mean it might be the beginning of an altcoin season.
What Is The Federal Funds Rate And How Does It Impact Loan Rates?
You’ve probably heard the term federal funds rate mentioned on the news or by a relative interested in the economy, but what does it mean? The federal funds rate is the interest rate banks charge each other for borrowing short-term money.
10 Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies In March 2023
Major cryptocurrencies rallied in March despite the volatility in the financial markets worldwide. But which were the worst performing cryptocurrencies last month?
First Republic Bank Is A Speculative Play, Here’s Why
Given the uncertainty surrounding the bank's business and health, there is a significant chance for over or underperformance.
10 Best Performing Penny Stocks In The Healthcare Sector
As with any other sector, not all healthcare penny stocks encounter success. In fact, most don’t do that well. Yet those that win often earn massive returns for investors. Here's a look at the 10 best performing penny stocks in the healthcare sector.
Is The Bottom In For RH, Or Is This Just A Stopping Point?
The stock appears to be rangebound, with sell-siders buying at the bottom of the range and bears selling at the top.
10 Biggest Communication Services Stocks With High Insider Ownership
A company with high insider ownership suggests that management has confidence in the company. By following insiders, investors can get an idea of the company’s prospects. Here's a look at 10 communication services stocks with high insider ownership.
Global Markets Turbulent On Bank Fears, Investors Eye Buying Opportunities
Whilst inflation remains a major headwind, investors should “remain alive to other metrics” in investment decision-making.
Bitcoin Might Better Than Bitcoin Stocks And ETFs
Bitcoin seems to move with a mind of its own.
Meta Platforms: Efficiency Gains Momentum, Stock Accelerates
​​​​​​​Meta Platforms got the market’s attention with its latest earnings report and pledge for efficiency.
As Car Prices Fall, Auto Insurance Premiums Bounce Upwards
Based on average annual premiums nationally, full coverage insurance will cost car owners around $2,014 annually, higher than the reported $1,771 for 2022. This increase marks a nearly 14% increase between 2022 and 2023.
U.S. Race For Digital Dollar Fuels Case For Bitcoin
With the US government’s work on a potential digital dollar accelerating, meaning a digital greenback could soon be a reality in the US, the case for Bitcoin becomes “significantly stronger”.
1 to 16 of 2728 Posts
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