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Coronavirus Stimulus Update: Trump Wants Larger Checks
There haven’t been very many updates on a second round of coronavirus stimulus checks, but President Donald Trump has again backed more direct payments for the American people.
U.S. Corporate Growth Still High And Falling
In the third quarter of 2019, the index average gross profit margin was also down on average and more frequently. That lower growth trend continues into the recent 2020 quarter with the average gross profit margin down more steeply.
Second Round Of Stimulus Checks Depends On Jobs Report
All eyes will be on June's jobs report, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow. There could be new commentary from lawmakers about the possibility of a second round of stimulus checks after the report is released.
9 Countries And IMF Hold Half Of Global Gold Reserves
Total global gold reserves amount to about 1.85B ounces, and the top 10 countries and institutions are holding about 913.29M ounces.
Phase 1 Trade Deal Compliance And Trump’s Re-Election Strategy
By signing the Phase 1 trade deal, Trump believed that we would see increased manufacturing jobs. This may have been the case but COVID-19 changes everything.
Kura Sushi (KRUS): Restaurant IPO W/ Playbook For Success
KRUS is a patent-protected, technology-first sushi restaurant. The company offers high-quality sushi at low prices thanks to robotic rice makers, automated dishwashers, and a conveyor-belt delivery system.
Top 10 Most Valuable Automakers And Automobile Brands
We take a look at the most valuable automakers by market capitalization to see which company sits at the top.
What To Expect From Stocks?
According to finance theory, stocks are priced so that they offer investors a fair rate of return for holding them.
Robinhood Trader’s Suicide Is Warning For Millennial Investors
Well, it happens that the company had “fangr” in its name and Robinhood investors mistook that for “FAANG” stocks. They bought the stock.
Raise Cash By Selling Extended Tech Stocks: Analog Devices
Analog Devices, Inc. has been an exceptionally profitable company with persistently high cash return on total capital of 15.0% on average over the past 21 years.
GSE Capital Rule Sets Fannie Mae Up For Strong ROE
One of the big concerns with the proposed capital rule for the GSEs is the fact that it requires Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to hold more capital than originally expected.
Banks – Goldman Sachs FICC Short Gamma Re-Loads Energy Trading
One firm rakes more money trading energy in three-months then this entire industry 90th percentile in one year, it’s Goldman Sachs.
Wirecard – The “German Enron” & A Very Personal History 2008-2020
For those who just came back from a 15 year space mission: Wirecard AG (ETR:WDI) is a German company that according to its website
Investment Demand For Gold Remains High As COVID Fears Rise
Gold prices climbed to a one-month high today as analysts at Goldman Sachs say investment demand should remain strong, even after the economy starts to emerge from its recession.
Potential Return Of The Peace And Morgan Silver Dollars
This year, a new coin act might be the making to bring back the Peace and Morgan Silver Dollars in 2021. This will honor the centennial of the transition from the Morgan to the Peace Silver Dollar.
Wirecard AG Stock Tanks After Report Of Missing Money
Wirecard AG stock plunged more than 60% after the company said that $2.1 billion appears to have been misplaced.
1 to 16 of 2433 Posts
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