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How A Challenging Economy In 2020 May Impact Lenders
The auto industry has remained a pillar of strength for the American economy dating back to the recession. However, there are growing signs that the broader economy could be facing a slowdown next year.
More Than Half Of Americans Will Shop Black Friday Online
151M Americans are planning to shop on Black Friday and plan to spend $40B.
HH Top 10 Companies With Largest Cash Reserves In The World
Many of the world’s largest corporations are piling up cash like never before. There are at least four companies having $100 billion or more in cash reserves.
Fannie And Freddie Confusion: Is The Net Worth Sweep Really Over?
The drama involving Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC​) continues this week with a new round of hearings about the affordability of housing in the U.S.
Will Bitcoin Hit $12,000 By The End Of The Year?
Bitcoin will experience a breakout and hit $12,000 before the end of the year if it remains above the $8,500 support this week, predicts the CEO of a $12bn financial giant.
TeamViewer IPO Story: If Newsfeed Is Silent, Get Ready For A Buyout
Despite the fact that it was one of the largest 2019 IPOs in Europe and that reportedly the IPO was severly oversubscribed, the trading volume has been very low since. In addition to this, the newsfeed on the company is almost completely silent.
Forecast For M&A Market Growth In 2020
The last few years have been record-beaking for corporate mergers and acquisitions. However, 2019 did not keep up with the pace of growth. Will we see the volume of M&As increase in 2020?
There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel For GSE Investors
The battle over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the net worth sweep has dragged on for many years, but progress toward a resolution is finally being made.
The Fertile Fields Of Future Growth
Keeping eyes open for well-managed business in areas of future growth.
Cloud Software Provider Datadog Enjoys Thriving IPO
Datadog is the latest software company to enjoy a mammoth valuation above $10 billion, with the subscription software company having demonstrated excellent user retention despite some concerns that it wouldn’t be able to woo over investors.
Even A Partial Deal With China Could Be A Huge Boost For Stocks
While the major stock indices are back where they started the week following today’s rally, several other assets are showing positive divergences.
It’s Not Possible To Make Sense Of Stock Crashes: Accept It
Stock crashes happen from time to time. Everyone gets this. It’s such a widely appreciated reality that we have come to accept it as normal.
Why Sallie Mae Isn’t Threatened By Politics Facing Federal Student Loans
The student loan business has been changing a lot in recent years, and some have become concerned that federal student loans will take a large bite out of Sallie Mae’s business.
What The Hong Kong Protests Mean For Investment Returns
In his “Greed & Fear” report this week, Jefferies analyst Christopher Wood outlined his base case for the Hong Kong stock market based on the months-long protests.
Saber Capital: Interest Rate Fears And The Dreaded Yield Curve
Despite the general markets still near all time highs, I think there are some interesting values right now. I’m looking at a number of ideas, researching new companies as well as refining my valuation work on those that already had my eye.
The Impact Of The Volcker Rule On Bond Market Pricing
The Office of Financial Research has released a new staff working paper relevant to the impact of the Volcker Rule on bond market pricing.
1 to 16 of 2261 Posts
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