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Recession Fears Spike (Probably Too Much)
Every stock market correction prices in some recession fears. It’s normal to expect an uptick in expectations for a recession after declines. The larger the decline, the more fear ramps up.
Have Faith In The Fed?
Markets remain relatively volatile and all risk assets are pointing to a major inflection point in the broader markets…Enter the Fed!
European Banks In Crises?
A low liquidity day has brought with it another large rally to markets but what is more pressing is the performance (or lack thereof) in the European financial sector.
These Factors Point Towards More Volatility Ahead...
Markets continued to throw off huge moves this past week and with it have come significant opportunities.
Consumers Won’t Let The Economy Fall Into A Recession
July monthly reading for sales growth was fantastic. However, the industrial production report was weak. It appears in the 2nd half of 2019 heading into early 2020, there will be another manufacturing recession, but consumption growth will be solid.
Opportunities In Stocks Making New 52 Week Lows
With all the volatility and focus on equities and bonds, there are hidden opportunities in trending stocks making new lows.
Risk Is Here, What Are You Going To Do?
Yesterday's blistering rally has been met with unforgiving sell-side activity and leads us in the abyss of trading sessions.
Your Trade Plan For Bonds And Financials
With volatility striking back and financials in focus, how should you be trading the movement? Tonight, Corey Rosenbloom focus on financials once again, all of which are in play at critical support levels.
Treasury Yields Drop Catalyzes Rare Scenario
One of the most curious aspects of markets in 2019 is how stocks have rallied and bond yields have fallen.
Are Sellers Warming Up?
Yuan fixes, the FED gone silent, interest rates crashing…one must ask: Are sellers warming up in the markets?
Low Inflation Allows The Fed To Cut Rates In September
Yearly core PPI fell from 2.3% to 2.1% which missed estimates for 2.4%. A slight increase was expected; instead, we got a solid decrease.
Listen To Central Bankers
They say don't Fight the Fed and that is precisely our point. Four Central Banks around the world cut rates this week and we are listening to ALL of them saying the same thing, "the global economy is slowing down".
Business Conditions Tighten After Hike & After Cut
Anytime there is volatility, financial conditions tighten. If conditions are only tight for a few weeks, it won’t have a major impact on the economy.
Bears Double As Fear Grips Wall Street
This recent correction was the 4th quickest to -5% since the start of the bull market. That turned sentiment on its head as everyone freaked out about the trade war and economic weakness.
How To Trade When Volatility Strikes
This week gave us plenty of opportunities in the volatility, be it in stocks, sectors, Gold, Oil, or Treasuries.
Recession Odds Increase As Both ISM PMIs Fall In July
The combination of cyclical weakness and the trade war certainly doesn’t paint a rosy picture. If the economy avoids a recession in the next few months, I think this will just be a slowdown.
1 to 16 of 1554 Posts
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