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Target These Key Levels As The Market Pullback Continues
We're finally getting a long-overdue deeper pullback against this relentless up-trending market but how far should we be looking?
Bond Selling Strikes Fear Into Equity Markets
The S&P’s are off by 52 handles, the Nasdaq is down by almost 400 and there was another 3% selloff in tech but it’s bond selling that you need to be focused on.
Will The Bid In The Markets Hold?
All of the checkboxes check off bullish today except for the bond market. The bonds next move will determine the next move in the stock market.
A Pivotal Moment For Markets?
This video discusses the activity in markets seen throughout the past week and what to look for as a pivotal moment for markets approaches.
Volatility Spikes! Your Updated Plan Of Attack
Stocks continued a sharp pullback today, but bonds did as well with new lows developing after multiple down days in a row.
Dip Buyers Back Or More Selling Coming?
Dip buyers bring the market back from the brink. Massive rotations continue to send the market on a roller coaster ride.
Higher Rates Are Taking A Toll On Markets
A tale of two markets. Today tech got rocked as money flowed out of them into financials, energy, and airline stocks.
The Great Gamma Unwind
In this weekend update, I discuss what I dub the "Great Gamma Unwind," as well as the general movements in the markets throughout the past week.
Slowly Swing Trading In A Resilient Market
Stocks did pull back or retrace lower this week, but is this all the market will give to the downside?
Massively Unchanged Markets?
Bonds moving big recently with huge volume yet the stock market isn't moving.
Is The Market Ready For A Sell Off?
As we angle down off the highs of today's session, we may be at a point where the market may start to sell-off.
When The Bonds Break
Not everybody pays attention to the bond market, but you're going to want to as the yield curve steepens. This video discusses movements and momentum within the bond market as well as the stock market.
Short-Term Big Plans For Bonds And Stocks Right Now
It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day movement in the market, but let's take a big-picture perspective.
A Glimpse Of Selling Hits Markets
A look at today's action in the stock market.
Planning For The Overdue Pullback From The Highs
Just about every current set-up is a short from the highs and protective put spreads as opportunities as the market creeps to another new high.
The Russell Goes Ballistic
The Russell has smashed through everything we intended it to do.
1 to 16 of 864 Posts
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