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Market Strategies, What's Working And What's Not
A special update for the holiday weekend.
Still More Highs For The Holiday Week
Along that short-term bullish journey, some key stocks including Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix made new all-time highs while Apple fell a few dollars shy.
Big Moves Same Range
S&P tags the upper edge of the expected move. Despite the large intraday movement, the overall market has been in the same range for the last 3 weeks.
Key Stocks Leading Us Off The Edge Of Support
The market reversed powerfully higher after holding the 'edge of the cliff' mentioned last week.
Second Wave Of Selling?
Don Kaufman discusses the various events and moves in the market from the past week, such as SPX options expirations, sector rotations, and outperforming technology stocks.
Bulls Grab Control Into The Close - What Now?
After a sell-swing to support, buyers seized control into the close on the all-day strength of leading financial stocks.
A Little Volatility Goes A Long Way
There's still a lot of movement that can happen in these final 2 days of the week. Make sure you take advantage.
Tech Leads Us Higher But Will It Last?
We saw yet another day of tech stock leadership driving the Nasdaq and XLK to new highs along with major uptrending stock.
Ratio Backspread Trade Setups
The market is giving us plenty of opportunities for ratio backspreads.
Massive Ranges, Minimal Movement
SPX Expected Move --last week-- 125.77 (expected move) --next week-- 112.76.
Market Living On The Edge Before Expiration Friday
The market spent most of this week in a tight range but that's likely to change Friday.
Support Bounce In Play But Will It Last?
Volatility picked up big time last week with the price sell-off but today's action continued the bounce off 2983 Gravity.
Wild Range Indicative Of A Wild Market?
The S&P had a 144 point range today while the expected move for the week is 125.
Feeling The Wrath Of Volatility
Outliers leading to more outlier events.
Markets Snap Back Hard To Gravity
Stocks across the board - in fact, all 500 S&P 500 index components - were negative today with most losing over 5%.
Are You Living On The Bullish Edge?
For the second day in a row, money is rotating out of financials into big technology. The market seems to be poised for a big move in either direction.
1 to 16 of 730 Posts
1 2 3 ... 46