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What To Watch For The Rest Of The Week
With markets consolidating ahead of a future breakout yet to come, Corey Rosenbloom walks you through the key set-ups and levels in play and what targets are likely when the breakout from midpoint levels occurs.
This Is The Key To Today’s Market
Stocks sell off mildly today as trade wars make investors nervous in tech stocks that rely on Chinese manufacturing.
Bonds Have Set The Stage For This Next Move
A volatile week ends almost where it started. Investors jockey to position themselves for the next move. The options market still is not pricing in the real risk.
Opportunities From Stocks Extending 52 Week Highs
Which leading stocks are extending gains and pushing to newer and newer 52-week highs? Corey Rosenbloom walks you through today's updated scan for strongly trending stocks getting stronger.
Divergence Displays More Risk Is Imminent
Stocks rebound today after the Trump administration delayed tariffs on European imports. Investors were optimistic that the administration will only fight one trade war at a time. However, risks in the market remain elevated.
Watch These Crucial Price Levels For Trading Opportunities
A rapid sell-off in May took indexes and key stocks rapidly lower to key price targets. Are there new opportunities off these newly achieved support targets? Or is further selling likely after a short-term bounce?
Volatility Grips Hold Of Markets
Volatility explodes higher as stocks respond to China's retaliation and headline risk. Stocks are shaken by trade wars, but tonight we look at where the real risk is going to come from.
Markets Now Face These Harsh Realities
Stocks have the most volatile week of the year as the uncertain outcome of the trade negotiations casts a shadow on the market.This could be the most pivotal moment of the year for the markets.
Why Volatility Is About To Make A Comeback
In today’s video, Don Kaufman discusses why volatility is about to make a comeback based on info over the last 3 trading sessions.
Your Updated Levels During The Sell-Off
As stocks tumble from the highs, Corey Rosenbloom provides a quick overview of the four equity markets, VIX futures, and related markets such as Crude Oil, Gold, and especially Bonds.
Is The Market Shrugging Off The Risks Again?
The administration's announcement of potential new tariffs with China kicked off aggressive selling overnight. However, once the cash session was open, market participants shrugged off the risk and rallied markets.
Do You Fear The Fed?
Stocks feared the Fed for only one day as the market rallies back to pre-FOMC announcement highs. In this weekend video we look at the key stocks that are leading the market higher.
Sell In May And Go Away In 2019?
Now that it's May, is it time to use the old Wall Street wisdom of "sell in May and go away?" Corey Rosenbloom takes a quick look at how this wisdom would have worked over the last few years and what might be special or unique about 2019.
The Fed Flips (Again) And The Market Dips…
Stocks dip lower after the FOMC announcement as the focus turns to one line added to the Fed statement. This turn of events provides us with this opportunity.
What These Sectors Say About All Time Highs?
What message are the nine major sectors saying about the current market? Also, which sectors are strongest with equities at all-time highs and which are weakest?
All Time Highs Or A Fed Fueled Fantasy?
With the better than expected GDP numbers and earnings will the Fed make any hawkish comments or stick to the dovish script? Here's where the opportunities are next week.
1 to 16 of 486 Posts
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