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Expected Moves Drive Stocks Around Earnings
What we learn via watching thousands of occurrence of earnings announcements is stock price movement following earnings is being driven almost exclusively by options markets.
Targets Achieved In Key Financial Stocks
After a round of surprise earnings today, many key financial stocks achieved higher price targets mentioned earlier from support bounce plays.
What To Expect As Earnings Season Approaches
Don't let today's Holiday tape fool you. The market still expects a big move this week thanks to major earnings announcements.
Trade War, Fed Or Earnings; Pick Your Volatility Poison
Although trade war talk will subside there are still lots of volatility events on the horizon and the market is pricing that in. In this crucial weekend video newsletter Don discusses those risks and what opportunities you can expect next week.
Your Trading Plan For Friday
In light of surprise headlines and volatility, the SP500 stayed mostly within the weekly expected move levels.
A Volatility Holding Pattern Emerges In Markets
Stocks higher today getting back to one of our gravity points at 2911. The markets will be focused on the trade deal in the coming days.
Opportunities In Bearish Trending Stocks
Which stocks are making new 52 week lows and what's the trading strategy with these candidates?
Back In The Volatility Box?
Markets are throwing off signs of being trapped back in the Volatility box.
The Truth Behind Commission Free Trading
Charles Schwab kicked off the brokerage war and was met by TD Ameritrade and eTrade. But the war is over - you are the winner. Or are you? What will free trades actually mean for investors and what strategies will it open up?
Key Stocks To Buy Off Support
After two days of major selling in the equity markets (rising correlations), today gave us a relief rally.
The Sellers Have Arrived
We have been looking for volatility and now we got it. The Sellers have Arrived.
Bearish Correlations Are Back - What You Need To Know
A weak ISM report sent shares tumbling this morning and sent correlations surging.
These Key Stocks Continued To Diverge Lower
Stocks explode higher all week ending above the expected move.
On The Verge Of Volatility?
Sector rotations have continued, in effect holding back any heavy volatility from hitting broader markets. In this video we discuss why rotations will cease and why correlation is about to become a very dangerous word for market participants.
Strange Trending Stocks At The End Of September
As we rush toward the end of September and the third quarter of 2019, the market stands on the edge of a critical inflection point.
Outsized Moves Demonstrate Broader Market Instability
Markets may have bounced back today but that is not what has our attention. It’s that key players are making so-called “Outsized Moves” that are statistically significant.
1 to 16 of 578 Posts
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