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Are Signs Of A Market Bubble Everywhere?
Stocks push to an all-time high as the S&P closes above its expected move for the first time in an incredible 23 weeks.
Expected Move Continues To Drive Markets
Stocks explode higher to the edge of the expected move. Once again the options market is driving the stock market.
Which Stocks Join Market For Another New High?
Another day, another new stock market high. But what stocks in the SP500 specifically are joining the market, holding up the market, and what does it mean?
Focusing On This Week's Financial Earnings In Play
As we kick-off the first earnings season of 2020, major financial lead the way this week. Wells Fargo went the opposite direction from Citigroup and JP Morgan today, but we have more companies in play for Wednesday, Thursday, and beyond.
Another Day, Another Rally?
As the stock market continues to rally let's look at 2 trading strategies you can use right now that don't depend on the day to day moves of the market.
What Continues To Drive This Market?
Don Kaufman explains the multitude of factors driving this market higher. The Fed balance sheet, stock buybacks, and Quants.
Playing Offense And Defense With Headline Risk
Though tensions eased in the Middle East after ramping up earlier this week, we saw planned price movement occur at our key levels, especially in Crude Oil.
Buying Hitting A Fever Pitch
Stocks explode higher on Middle East de-escalation news to only end the trading day with a new attack of the US embassy in Baghdad causing a sell-off in the finals minutes of trading.
Uncertainty At The Highs
A discussion for the four US equity futures markets and notes about the end-of-day sell-off activity and what it means for tomorrow's session.
Can Anything Stop This Market?
With geopolitical risks on everyone's mind the market doesn't seem to be pricing in the risk.
A Time To Sell?
Stocks rocked on geopolitical risk but still remain inside the expected move for the week for an unprecedented 22nd straight week. What are the risks and opportunities heading into next week?
Bulls Dominating 2020 So Far - Your Update And Plan
Though it's just one day into the new year, bulls seized control to close the market at yet another all-time high.
Ending 2019 And Beginning 2020 Overview
Let's review where we are in the market as we get ready to celebrate the beginning of 2020.
Selling In The New Year?
Stocks seeing a little selling today for the first time in a while. Is this real selling or profit-taking before the end of the year?
Markets Have Gone Too Far
The overall market continues to hit the edge of the expected move in an unprecedented efficiency to the market. However, actual moves are outpacing expected moves in many key stocks.
Amazon AMZN Leads Tech To New Highs. What Stocks Joined Them?
The Nasdaq burst higher with a trend day thanks in large part to Amazon (AMZN) and other leading tech stocks with some key financial names.
1 to 16 of 633 Posts
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