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Oil Falls, Bonds Rally, Stocks Mixed, And More For Your Thursday Evening Update
Markets are moving this week including a steeper fall in commodity/oil prices and a rally in both the bond market and - generally - equities.
Option Bears Reloading As Bulls Feeling Spry
As the bulls have their moment, the bears are adding bearish options positions and rolling up into the strength.
Bring Back The Bear?
Volume in the S&Ps included several days and was not very high.
What Kills Markets First, Inflation Or The Fed?
No easy path forward for the markets.
Stocks Continue Trend Lower After The Fed: Your Post-Fed Update
After a surprise rally on the Fed Fund Rate increase yesterday, the downtrend continued in price as equity futures sold off over 3% in Thursday's session.
Fed Rides The Painted Pony On Rates As The Inflation Wheel Spins
The Fed can't seem to find a directing sign on the straight and narrow highway.
Your Stock And Sector Check-Up Before The Fed Day
We will have the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision and press conference tomorrow afternoon and will see how high the Fed lifts the Fed Funds rate
Carnage Grips Hold In The Markets
Bonds and stocks tank as interest rates have now more than doubled since the start of the year. There is no coming back from this parabolic move in interest rates that impact every facet of the economy.
Are Markets Headed To Uncharted Territory?
In this weekend update, I provide some detail on whether the markets are headed to uncharted territory -- and if not, where else they could be going.
Inflation Data Ahead! CPI Friday Breaking Us From The Range
The final hour of Thursday's trading session was a volatile sell-side swing that continued the downtrend in motion.
Bonds Create The Perfect Storm For Fridays CPI
The S&P 500 ends today where it started the week. There's still a 100-point potential move higher or lower for the S&P.
Trapped In A Range! Planning The Risk And Reward Of The Next Breakout
Today's session continued the whipsaw price action we've seen over the last few trading days as we remain within a compressed price range, especially on the daily and hourly chart.
Amazon Stock Split Not Enough To Carry... Where's Goldilocks?
Amazon Inc 20:1 stock split generated a lot of option activity today but finished well off of its high.
Surprises From Costco And Microsoft Ahead Of Friday's Big Jobs Report: Your Plan Of Action
A look at what drove the equity rally, which stocks underperformed the bullishness, and what catalyst the Friday morning Jobs Report could have on igniting a stronger 'bear market rally'.
Trading The Inversion Of The Yield Curve
Here's how to trade the potential yield curve inversion.
Fed On The QT. What Does That Mean For The Bulls?
The Federal Reserve is about to start its quantitative tightening (QT) plan. Looking at their balance sheet, it made a tick lower last week as their plans to wind things down is about to begin.
1 to 16 of 1136 Posts
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