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Your Recap And Plan For The Week Ahead
Tuesday, stocks closed flat and straight in the middle of the weekly expected move with a flat - 50/50 advance-decline line.
Interest Rates Will Define The Markets Path Forward
Stocks mostly flat today as the bond market was closed because of Veterans Day. As we move forward all eyes are going to be on interest rates.
Q4 GDP Growth Expected To Be 0.73%
Estimates for Q4 GDP growth are extremely low. Yet stocks are rallying swiftly as they continue to make new records.
Groundhog Trading Day
Who is buying at all-time highs? Don Kaufman explains how dynamic hedging can cause the markets to rise a little bit each day creating what we call a Groundhog trading day - every trading day seems to be the same.
Only 21% Of Americans Say It’s A Good Time To Buy A House
Net percentage of Americans who think now is a good time to buy a house fell 7 points to 21%. And, net percentage who say now is a good time to sell a house fell 3 points to 41%. 20% more say now is a good time to sell than buy.
These Key Tech Stocks Are Stalling Into Resistance
In tonight's video, Corey Rosenbloom highlights short-term trading opportunities from key technology stocks trading into resistance price pivots.
Strong Hiring & ISM PMI Improves
Compared to the Markit services PMI, the October ISM non-manufacturing PMI looks solid even though it’s weak. It’s good to see the PMI improve from a low level; that’s usually great for stocks.
Risk-Rewards Terrifies Traders For These Reasons
S&P Futures are massively unchanged and yet there is a terrifying risk-reward that's glaring in front of us all, specifically inside the S&P.
New Business Fell For The First Time In 10 Years
New business index was weak. It fell below 50 for the first time since the data started being collected 10 years ago. New export orders fell for the 3rd straight month, but the rate of decline lessened slightly.
Hidden Opportunities In A Lesser-Known Sector
XLI is showing persistent strength but most traders aren't watching.
Highest Labor Force Participation Rate Since August 2013
This was a very strong labor report because the previous 2 months were revised to show 95,000 more jobs were created.
Contrarian Traders Take Note
Many interest rate sensitive sectors saw a sell-off today.
Manufacturing PMIs Improve In October
ISM manufacturing PMI improved from 47.8 to 48.3. Many were expecting this index to hit 49, so it's slightly disappointing.
Market At Highs - Hedge, Hold, Or Fold?
Stocks end the week exploding higher to new all-time highs. Should you hedge your longs, hold on for the ride or take profits?
Low Inflation Supports Recent Rate Cuts
Chicago Fed PMI was weak because of the GM strike. September PCE report was actually really good because income growth and spending growth were up.
The Risk-Off Safety Trade Is Back In Swing
After the Fed Wednesday, price initially rallied but sold off Thursday. As of today's session, we saw a broad-based money flow shift more defensive to the "Risk-Off" side.
1 to 16 of 1653 Posts
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