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Persistent Selling, You Worried Yet?
Strong selling early in the session before tech rebounded and sent the Nasdaq closing slightly higher on the day. However, all signs are pointing to the selling not being over.
Spending Only Down Because Of Labor Day Holiday
Chase consumer spending growth fell modestly to -6.5% in the week of September 13th. Commentators say the data is rolling over, but they are likely biased.
Volatility Perplexes The Markets
What has volatility done for us? Absolutely nothing, as we currently see no aggressive selling and we have yet to even hit the bottom.
Jobless Claims Fall Sharply
The jobless claims report was very good which is a great sign because we’ve recently seen some weak data.
Tech Stocks Peer Over Edge Of The Cliff
If tech stocks are to fall, it will likely be from here.
Fed Says It Won’t Raise Rates Through 2023
It’s almost impossible for the Fed to be anymore dovish unless it goes as far as saying it won’t ever hike rates no matter what.
Monsters Of Tech Under Pressure Again
Monsters of Tech lead the overall markets lower despite the Fed signaling rates will remain low for a long period of time.
Disappointing Industrial Production And Manufacturing
Retailers are now making inventory projections for the holiday shopping season which will be a huge tell as to how the economy is doing. We will likely see another acceleration in growth sometime in Q4 once the COVID-19 tests start going out.
Support Holds For Now As We Await The Fed
The market bounced up off the "scene of the crime" or key support level on the daily chart as buyers bought yet another support dip. Will it continue?
Fed Not Even Close To Guiding For Rate Hikes
Current guidance is about manipulating the current economy, not actually predicting in earnest when rates will change. If the Fed was to project a rate hike in 2023, it would cause the stock market to swoon because that’s a hawkish move.
Sell The Market Rally?
The drivers of the marketplace that led the market to new all-time highs were not participating in today's rally. Should you be concerned?
Economic Reopening Continues In Earnest
The economy normalized quickly from lockdown to neutral from March to mid-June as shown in the chart below. Interestingly, the opening of the economy started slowing a week after the cyclical stocks peaked on June 8th.
Correction Still Not Over
This recent correction is significant because of how overbought the market got. It's doubtful that it will get anymore overbought. Many think the S&P 500 has made its high for the year.
Volatility Lower, Market Lower? We Have A Problem
Selling has not really kicked in... volatility says so.
Hurricane, Wildfires Increase Jobless Claims
Jobless claims report was muddied by bad weather and confusing data in California. We can't really conclude that the labor market is getting worse. It’s in deep trouble, but slowly improving.
Fewer Rent Payments - But More Vacations
Fewer people are paying their monthly rent which is surprising because the economy has improved in the past few months.
1 to 16 of 2065 Posts
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