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Oil Slips Lower As Electric Utilities Power Up
The big indexes are just slightly off their recent all-time highs, but of course, not all stocks are doing equally well.
The Tech Divergence Has Grown To Epic Proportions
The markets exploded on cooler inflation numbers - just a hint of selling activity but it didn’t last at all.
Stocks Are Coiling Up Near Highs… And Powell Hasn’t Spoken Yet
The markets are facing some formidable headline risks right now.
Two Stocks We Need To Talk About As Powell And CPI Approach
If ever there was a week that should be wracked by volatility, this is it.
The “Great Nvidia Squeeze” Is Almost Dead
Today, I’m going to talk about whether NVDA at $120 can still drive the market the way it did at $1200.
How We Hit Our NVDA Target And Booked 25% Profits
Bubbles offer one of the easiest ways to make money in markets - if you know what you’re doing. 
Here’s The Backstory On Those Potential Fed Rate Cuts
Fed funds futures suggest a cut is likely in September (but watch out if jobs numbers are weaker than expected).
Nvidia Is The Single Largest Stock Risk In Market History - Here’s How To Play It
A trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there, and pretty soon you’re talking serious money.
Stocks Are Hanging Near Highs, But Bonds Are Flashing Warning Signs
Utility stocks seem to have snuffed out any strength in bonds, and if rates keep falling, we could see a boost in the two worst-performing S&P 500 sectors this year: real estate and consumer discretionaries.
The Dollar, Bonds, And Bullion: There’s A Renewed Lift In Commodities
A look at how you can take advantage of this unfolding opportunity..
These Rotations And Divergences Scream “Volatility Ahead!”
The Dow and the S&P 500 are actually diverging right now ... Not only that, but there are significant rotations playing out, which we’ll get into. 
How To Relax And Enjoy A Profitable Crypto Summer
Aside from gold and the gold bugs, I can’t think of another asset class that fires up and drives those “animal spirits” the way cryptocurrency does.
A Drop In Oil Sets A Fire For This Utilities And Energy Play
Crude futures spiked yesterday, up to $80.62, and then sold off today, pretty much erasing the gains of the previous two sessions.
Bond Battering Drags Stocks And Commodities Lower
The past few U.S. Treasury auctions have attracted weak demand, particularly from foreign buyers. That’s dragged bond prices lower and pushed yields higher.
Buy In May… And Stay
May’s almost over, and stocks, led by Nvidia’s recent breakout, are hitting all-time highs right now.
At This Point, Good Data Could Be Atrocious For Markets
The cliche "Bad news is good news" seemed true as markets barely reacted to hawkish FOMC minutes. Despite signals to raise rates due to high inflation, the VIX remains below 12 and PMI data didn't jolt markets. This complacency could end badly.
1 to 16 of 3110 Posts
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