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Are Gold And Silver About To Take Off?
Bullishness in gold may signal the end of the current bullish period, but options traders don’t appear to be worried.
MO Breaks Out As Option Activity Surges
The movement in MO may be representative of a trend to more smoking during the pandemic, but it also represents a defensive industry.
Bearish Wakeup Call For Mortgage REITs Like AGNC?
There are a lot of factors that are stacking up against mortgage REITs like AGNC. This industry has proved resilient but the risk is palpable.
EXC Option Activity A Good Sign For Utilities
High-duration, interest-rate-sensitive stocks like EXC have had a rough go of it during the Treasury route. Today’s option activity may be an early indication of that trend reversing a little in the near-term.
Energy Stock Option Activity Explodes On Goldman Forecast
In case you were wondering when the oil rally would end, it’s not quite yet. At least that’s what today’s price and option’s activity would seem to indicate.
UAL Finding Lift-Off As COVID Outlook Brightens
Have you been waiting for some normality to return? Well, so have companies like United Airlines Holdings Inc, and option traders appear to be sharing that optimism.
QS Finds Bullish Interest On Solid-State Battery Outlook
One of the difficult aspects of the current market climate is that companies that have “potential” are trading at exorbitant valuations. If QS can deliver on this transformative technology, the valuation may be cheap.
MA Option Activity Rising With Retail Spending
Bank of America released the details of its card data that shows an uptick in spending following the stimulus, which is good news for payment processors like Mastercard Inc.
Option Bears Finally Show Up To The Russell 2000 Party
If you haven’t been paying attention, you may have missed the incredible run in the Russell 2000 (RUT) in 2021, which can be represented by the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM​​​​​​​).
CCJ Glowing On Report And Trend Toward Nuclear
The future of electrification seems bright and that means miners like CCJ may be part of that bright future.
Bond Bears Find Opportunity In TBT Options
As the era of $3 trillion federal deficits is wide open and another $1.9 trillion stimulus is moving through Congress, the bond market is getting skittish and option traders are looking to TBT.
NVDA Breaks Out As Global Chip Shortage Escalates
The shortage is leading many semiconductor companies to ramp production back up and the options market is taking notice. Today, NVDA broke out on high volume as call activity surged.
Stock Snapback, What's In Play And What Earnings Are Next?
Wednesday afternoon gave us earnings from key names and sellers snapped back the market from an overbought status.
GME Plays Frenzied Gamma Squeeze Game Of Chicken
Let's dig deeper into the internal drivers of the momentum and the fundamental outlook for the company.
Option Activity Signals Early Rotation Into Defensive Sectors
Over the past few trading sessions, option activity has been picking up in defensive sectors and maybe signaling an early rotation.
Support & Resistance: Technical Analysis 101
Being able to identify support and resistance is central to technical analysis. This is because the intent of the technical analysis is to enter at the beginning of the trend and end near the end.
1 to 16 of 1445 Posts
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