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Should We Fear Market Complacency?
Complacency in the midst of selling.
Are Markets On The Verge Of A Crisis?
Oversold has become cliché.
Iron Condors - The Basics
The great thing about the options market is that you can structure trades that have a high probability of making money and trades with defined risk. One such trade is the iron condor. Let's take a look.
What’s Next For Oil And Oil Stocks?
Let’s take a closer look at the term structure of oil futures, the technicals, and what yesterday’s option trading activity tells us.
Will The Snap Back Market Rally Hold?
A rally hits the market on Thursday and Friday but will it hold?
Option Bears Find A Home In ITB Following Data
On the heels of Housing Start and Building Permit data, a large, bearish rolling trade was made today.
The Sell-Off Intensifies: Updated Levels And Stock Scans In Play
Today saw the broader Nasdaq technology index fall 3% as did the XLK Technology and XLY Consumer Discretionary ETFs.
Earnings, Fed, And Volatility! Your Key Level Update To End January
This week has been a volatile one, as we've seen earnings and big moves from key tech and large market cap stocks all week.
Option Bulls Eye Energy Sector As Sell-Off Slows
The past week should be a wake-up call for many investors that have relied on the rising tide to lift their ships.
The Trader's Guide To Analyzing Short Interest
If you’re following the market at all, you’ve likely heard the term “short.” The word short is often used for selling shares you don’t own. Typical short sellers of stock are hedge funds. However, what does that mean for the average trader?
Inflation Sensitivity: How Do Your Stocks Stack Up?
A look at some of the data on inflation, how the market’s posturing, and the sensitivity of certain stocks to inflation.
Fear The Fed?
The Fed reared its unfriendly head this afternoon as signs of a selloff began to show going into the close.
The Rubber Band Trade For A New Year
The Rubber Band Trade is an example of a system that doesn’t trigger all that often, but when it does, it is very representative of extreme conditions. E.g., the pharmaceutical industry is on fire.
Tight Range Continues For End Of Year Trades
The broader market remains flat and rangebound for the final trading week of 2021.
NVDA Sees Dark Cloud Cover Ahead
A number of stocks are in the process of forming Dark Cloud Cover candle formations today.
EC A Year Without Santa?
We can place wagers on what will happen, but a failure to see a Santa Claus rally materialize, although infrequent, hasn’t provided the best returns in January or the coming year.
1 to 16 of 1508 Posts
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