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A Pullback That’s Largely Driven By Tech And Growth Stocks
Last week saw a wide divergence in the stock market. Sectors that exploded higher after March 2020 (e.g. tech, IPOs, growth stocks) saw sharp drawdowns while sectors that lagged significantly (e.g. energy & finance) are catching up.
Stock Market Trend In Jeopardy
What a week it has been! Various markets saw noticeable declines on news of rising yields. The strong upward trend for stocks is finally taking a long-overdue breather and so is extreme sentiment.
The Everything Rally Continues
The market’s strong uptrend remains intact despite some lingering concerns about high valuations, extreme sentiment, and other overbought signals. Investors continue to pour into all markets with ever increasing liquidity.
First Year Of A Bull Market, Or End Of A Bubble?
This bull market is unique because unlike past bull markets, this one began with extreme speculation. Historically, extreme speculation occurred at the end of multi-year bull markets.
How Much Further Can This Rally Extend?
Last week’s market volatility was followed by a sharp reversal higher. While various speculative concerns remain (record valuations, frothy sentiment etc), the stock market’s uptrend remains intact for now.
Is This The Start Of A Correction?
Reddit & retail traders caught the world’s attention, stocks fell, hedge funds blew up, etc. Here’s what matters underneath an ocean of noise.
Market Report: Investors’ Limitless Risk Appetite
Investors are buying anything and everything in a manner that’s reminiscent of the 1990s. The best stocks to buy these days: money-losing tech companies. The more losses, the better because growth is the name of the game.
Market Report: Smart Money Is Selling At The Fastest Pace Since 2007
Small speculative markets continue to explode higher while large cap markets rally less.
Market Report: Will Markets Melt-Up Before Meltdown?
The greatest pain trade in today’s highly speculative environment is if financial markets “melt-up before they melt down”.
EC Market Report: Who Is Buying And Selling Stocks
Looking back, 2020 was a year that few will forget. From a markets point of view, it was a year in which “dumb money” (traders who chase trends) was the smart money.
EC A Rally For The History Books
As stocks rally into year-end, it’s important to remember that you don’t always need to trade. Going short a rally is dangerous since a rally can always overshoot expectations.
What Is The Wild Bond Market Saying About The Stock Market?
While the stock market’s decline isn’t extreme by any means, other related markets seem to show heightened fear.
Market Outlook: Is This A V-Shaped Recovery?
The stock market bounced this week after it tanked last week on trade war news. Is the stock market making a V-shaped recovery?
What Can We Expect From The Stock Market Over The Next 3 Months?
Despite yesterday’s selloff, the stock market remains near all-time highs. After a solid half-year, many investors are wondering if their year-to-date gains will evaporate.
When This Happens, The Stock Market Goes Up 100% Of The Time
The market expects a Fed rate cut soon as the stock market pushes to new highs.
Investors Remain Fearful Despite The Market’s Recovery: What’s Next For Stocks
The stock market has recovered most of its decline in May. However, sentiment remains pessimistic.
1 to 16 of 289 Posts
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