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Investors Remain Fearful Despite The Market’s Recovery: What’s Next For Stocks
The stock market has recovered most of its decline in May. However, sentiment remains pessimistic.
Stock Market Is Making A Triple Top?
The S&P went up yesterday while oil tanked. Depending on which index you look at, the U.S. stock market “could” be making a triple top.
Is The Economy About To Tip In A Recession? What This Means For Stocks
The stock market sits a support/resistance level that has been important for half a year.
Market Outlook: The Stock Market Isn’t As Bullish Or Bearish As You Think
The stock market probably will not keep rallying throughout 2019 at the current pace (otherwise it will go up 60% in 2019), and it probably won’t crash even further than its December 2018 lows right now.
It Looks Like The Stock Market Is In A Bubble
As the stock market approaches all-time highs, a few economic indicators are deteriorating. Meanwhile, the stock market’s uptrend remains strong.
Market Outlook: Is The Stock Market Making A Head And Shoulders?
The stock market’s relentless rally continues. The S&P 500 (excluding dividends) is just 1% from a new all-time high, while the S&P 500 Total Return Index (including dividends) is already at an all-time high.
The S&P 500 Total Return Index Has Made New Highs - What’s Next
While the S&P 500 is just 1% below its all-time highs, the S&P 500 Total Return Index (including dividends) has now made an all-time high.
Will The Stock Market Become More Volatile?
If you feel like the stock market has been quiet recently, then you’d be right. The S&P 500 has gone nowhere over the past 8 days, with very little intraday volatility.
Market Outlook: Stock Market Is Almost At All-time Highs, What’s Next
After a nonstop rally, the S&P is now within 2% of making all-time highs. This is a key point when investing/trading the U.S. stock market – you want to be very selective when turning bearish. Most underperformance comes from being underinvested.
Recession Probabilities Are Increasing. Beware Of A Stock Market Crash
The stock market’s rally is slowing down while volume is falling. This is normal. It’s impossible for the stock market to keep rallying at the pace it did in January and February – otherwise, it would rally 60%+ in one year.
Signs That The Recent Stock Market Rally Is Not A Bear Market Rally
If you feel like the market has gone nowhere over the past few weeks, that’s because you’re right.
Long Term Outlook: Stock Market Crash Edition
With the 10 year – 3 month yield curve now inverted, it is time to look at the long term bearish case for stocks.
The Stock Market Today Is Eerily Similar To 1937
As the stock market rallies, it never ceases to amaze me how popular crash-analogues can be. The 1937 analogue has been quite popular recently, constantly shared and reshared on social media and trading blogs.
Towards The End Of A Bull Market, Short Term Market Timing Becomes Difficult
The S&P remains stuck at its 2810 resistance level.
Dear Bull Market: Happy 10 Year Anniversary
It’s been almost 10 years since this bull market began. What an incredible run. Despite all the doom-and-gloom news reports, this bull market has been impressive.
Market Outlook: The Stock Market Is Up 9 Weeks In A Row. What’s Next?
The Dow and Nasdaq are up 9 weeks in a row when you compare this week’s close to the previous week’s close, while the S&P is up 9 weeks in a row when you compare this week’s close to this week’s open.
1 to 16 of 276 Posts
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