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We are financial market enthusiasts using methods expressed by the Gann, Hurst and Wyckoff with a few of our own proprietary tools. provides online stock and index charts with commentary. We are not brokers, bankers, financial planners, hedge fund traders or investment ... more


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Gold Gann Angle Update - Friday, September 11
Gold's bullish trend has worked well in 2020, so what is next over the immediate 3 to 6 months? Will we continue to see a golden future.
Crypto Boost From Weakness In USD
High tech crypto is lifting off, but it is not acting on its own, other markets are assisting crypto higher.
Silver Big Channel
Silver ready to pause or simply explode.
US Dollar Cycle Review
If investors can correctly forecast the US Dollar then their portfolio will be standing on better ground.
Dow 2020 Crash Watch - Updated
Like 1929 the markets have bounced. This time it is on the back of the FED $6.5T money printing. Can the FED blow $6T every time the market rolls down to test support?
Gold's Quick Price Move Increases The Odds Of A Correction
A quick flushing out of the weak hands' open interest may take place before a real advance in price takes place. The correction may be on the back of a wider selloff of risk assets as all assets suffer contagion selling (just like 2008).
US Dollar With Ney And Gann Angles
The Fed can print money, but it can not print jobs and incomes. This matters as the US consumer is 70% of US GDP.
Where Is The US Dollar Trend Headed?
A high US dollar is the mighty destroyer of all, it explodes foreign debt and risk assets, and it will likely change US politics.
Silver Volume Says Something Is Near Boiling Point
Fundamentals are important, but they must show up in the chart. And when they do and if they may matter, it is a good sign if price and volume waves show a change of character.
SP500 Kitchin Cycle Review
Well, it sure did not, the flu lockdowns around the world turned off economic activity and crushed the risk-on asset price move.
Gold Stock Cycles
Gold stocks are the crazy ride in the markets. The swing are so great it does not matter if you miss a bullish the break out as another deep pull back allows you to enter with ease.
The Big Short Movie Guides Us To What Is Next For The Stock Market
There is nothing new in Wall Street, it is only the players that change. Sometimes a market player or an event gets ahead of the crowd and Wall Street has to play catch up.
Bitcoin Crash Big Channel Review
Is bitcoin or litecoin digital gold? Well 2020 will tell us the answer. So should you double up?
Gann Angles - Crash Market Observations
A selection of charts of what is going on and let's face it even the king of the jungle can get in trouble.
Dow 2020 Crash Watch - Update
As expected reality was to knock on the door of everything priced to perfection, but is the panic selling done yet?
Dow 2020 Crash Watch
A Dow crash is now on the table in 2020. Let us review three prior Dow volatility shocks.
1 to 16 of 204 Posts
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