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We are financial market enthusiasts using methods expressed by the Gann, Hurst and Wyckoff with a few of our own proprietary tools. provides online stock and index charts with commentary. We are not brokers, bankers, financial planners, hedge fund traders or investment ... more

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Dow Theory Warning From The Utilities Index
In Dow's time, the US was a growing industrial power. The US had population centers, but factories were scattered throughout the country.
Dow Jones Utility Index Could Trade Like The FANGs
The world is changing because the US Fed is considering capping the US 10 yr interest rate under the US inflation rate, or negative real interest rates forever. Further massive destruction of the US dollar purchasing power.
Top Patterns For Retail Investors
Retail investors are last in line for market leading research, no matter, the retail investor can profit from these secret sauce patterns...
SP500 Kitchin Cycle Review
The biggest known news date in the next 18 months is the US Election. The biggest unknown news date is when the US believes it is in a economic recession.
Gold Gann Angle Update - Thursday, Jan. 9
The new year of 2020 has gold poised to break out higher.
Currency And Metals Could Be The Big Movers Early In 2020
Trump is doing his trade thing with China, and part of the 2020 agreement will be a resolution of the US dollar.
Wealth Manager 60-40 Portfolio Theory Challenge
Maybe a portfolio design of 60% stocks and 40% bonds turns the risk adverse investor into a high stakes gambler during a period of massive money printing and government deficits The video below explores another option.
Funds Are Getting Ready To Move Out Of USA
Just before the hangover in the US equity markets, money will move and take their well earned gains elsewhere. Here is why.
Silver Stock Taking The Sector Higher
The big players in the market are looking for the next swing off good value lows.
Bitcoin Supply And Demand Update
Big swinging bitcoin. Let's review the Wyckoff demand and supply action to further explain price action with more clarity.
Dow Jones Cycle Update And Are We There Yet?
Today the Dow and the SP500 are making new all-time highs. However, all long and strong bull markets end on a new all-time high.
Gold Gann And Cycle Review
Gold has performed well, golden skies are here again. In fact, it has been a straight line move, and this is typically unusual and a pause can be expected.
Here Is Why Bitcoin Jumped 20%
If you are having trouble understanding the news behind the bitcoin price move, don't fret here is the answer.
US Economic Review 2019Q4
An investor must form an opinion of the wider economic risk.
Cycles Supporting Consolidations
Cycles show how regular time and price periods work within price action, they help thread the needle as to where price may move to next.
Bitcoin Fenced In By Price Channels
Risks are very present and the not so good news of the go live Bakkt bitcoin futures contract has been used for such an attack on support lines.
1 to 16 of 278 Posts
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